How Your Business Can Navigate The Social Media Minefield

Yes, your business can navigate the social media minefield, and we’re here to help. Keep reading for some specific advice on what you can do to avoid all the thumbtacks and problems that hurt most people when you’re using social media to market online. Whether your company is large or small or you work for yourself, these tips are going to help make sure you stay safe and avoid all Continue Reading →

How To Promote Your Website Or Blog With The Help Of Social Media

When it comes to promoting a website or blog, many people get confused about where to begin. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one way of trying to attract more visitors, it can be difficult and expensive to concentrate on SEO in the short run. Furthermore, social media and Google’s changing algorithms are fast making SEO less relevant. This is because Google now shows results from your Google Plus contacts Continue Reading →

How To Create A Google+ Page For Your Business Or Brand


Ever since the initial release of Google+ there has been a lot of talk about the introduction of Google Plus pages. In the beginning Google started suspending accounts, which did not have a proper name, in order to ensure that people were unable to use their Google+ profile as a page, since this feature was to be released later on. Recently, Google finally provided the option to create Google+ pages. Continue Reading →

Manage All Google Plus Options In A Single Menu With Google+ Manager

Google+ Manager is a Mozilla Firefox extension which allows managing Google Plus options from a single drop down menu, adds extra features and provides hotkey support to perform regular functions. once this extension is installed, it displays a new button which acts as a drop down menu which contains all existing and additional options for Google Plus. Continue Reading →

All About Google Plus And Feature Usage [Video]


Previously I provided you with the cheat sheets which can help you enhance your Google Plus experience. This time I am providing you with a small video to help you get a crash course in the usage of general and advanced features of Google Plus. This video is courtesy 96edwy, who has previously provided videos  for flashing Android ROMS. So learn all there is to know about Google Plus in Continue Reading →

Get Instant Google Plus Desktop Notifications With Google+ Notifier

G+ Notifier is a desktop notification client for Google Plus. It displays all notifications in the form of pop-up messages and in list view, from your system tray. Some of its main features include: Periodic checks for new notifications in Google+ A Display of unread messages in the form of a notification icon Windows balloon notifications or Snarl popups when new notifications are detected A Popup notifications window for quick Continue Reading →

Tab for Google+ Brings Google Plus Access From The Mac Menu Bar

Tab For Google+ is a Mac application which bring the Google+ web user interface to the Mac desktop. This application is designed to replicate the Google Plus mobile version for a more compact display and therefore, it does not consume too much desktop space. Considering the simplicity of options which it provides, Tab for Google+ is the ultimate Mac client for all your Google+ needs.As one can easily keep an Continue Reading →

Get Google+ Application For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Google+ for mobile makes sharing easy using iOS devices. It works on iPhone, iPad and iPod and lets you send messages to your buddies and the people you care most about, using Google Plus.  For some reason this application was not initially released with iPad and iPod support, but that has now changed and you can enjoy it as a universal iOS application. Features: Circles let you share things with Continue Reading →

Sync Messages Between Facebook, Google Plus & Twitter [Publish Sync]

Ever since Google+ was introduced, I have been looking for browser extensions which may help me sync my shared web links and messages with other online accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Publish sync for google+ & facebook is a Chrome extension which syncs your messages between Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. It supports article, video, pictures and web links. It adds an extra option below your usual sharing options Continue Reading →

Block Comments From Users On Google Plus [Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover]

Lately I came across a Google Plus extension covered by Martin from ghacks which provides a useful feature which for some reason Google+ does not have as a built in functionality as yet. If you are using Google Buzz or Google+ you probably noticed that it even if you block someone you still see comments from this person in other people “feeds”. Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover is a Chrome Continue Reading →