Crushpath: The Ideal Platform To Increase Sales And Attract Customers

Have you heard of Crushpath Spots yet? It’s our new product; we launched it last week and we’re super excited to help small companies share their business moments. Sharable things happen inside your business every day, and you want to be able to get out word to your customers with details quickly and cheaply.

Get Voice Direction And Street View On iPhone 5 With Google Maps

People, especially iOS users, might not have realized how much their everyday routine has grown dependent upon Google’s excellent mapping service and the turn-by-turn navigation instructions offered by it. However, when Apple announced that Google Maps will no longer be available as a native iOS app, there was a huge outcry. Apple promised to make up for the loss with a maps app of their own, but when Apple Maps Continue Reading →

YouTube Capture: Record And Upload Videos To YouTube From iPhone

YouTube Capture is a free iOS app by Google which makes it easy for users to record, edit and upload videos to YouTube. It has an easy to use UI with fast recording and provides many handy options such for color correction, video stabilization, trimming, and adding audio tracks.

What is SEO And How Can You Optimize Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become one of the most important ways of marketing products and services, as well as attracting website visitors. Simply making a blog or website is not enough to attract visitors. This is because  a website requires complete on-page and off-page optimization to become search engine friendly. Hiring an SEO service can be both risky and expensive, as many SEO experts can end up getting Continue Reading →

Backup Nexus 7 Apps Without Rooting Your Device With Nexus Root Toolkit

Creating a backup is often the essential process that is overlooked by lay users which inevitably leads to data loss. Perhaps the best backup that an average user might prefer is simply saving some data to the cloud, this however is not possible for apps on your tablet (so to speak). While you may be able to save chunks of data from an app to a cloud backup service, you Continue Reading →

How To Change Default Search in Firefox After Browser Is Hijacked


There comes a time when one finds worthy software that is available for free. Just when you think that this is too good to be true, you realize that it is! Such software are often packed with a half-baked code and Adware (not entirely illegal to use), which ends up hijacking your browser. This means that your default browser search (usually Google) is taken over by an unknown and annoying Continue Reading →

How To Avoid Getting Penalized By Google Penguin And Panda Updates

If there is anything that has shook the SEO world, it is the Google Panda and Penguin updates. It appears as if Google is trying to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) history by making results more natural (as they are technically supposed to be). Unfortunately, this is leading to widespread issues for SEO experts including the potential chance of losing their job and livelihood. But all is not all that Continue Reading →

Google Announces To Push Down Copyright Violators In Search Results


When people search for a movie or video, many a times they end up on websites which offer pirated content. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that the affected party can do about such violations, except to report the copyrights infringement to Google and hope that the plea is found among millions of copyrights violation notices and the copyrights violator is unable to rank in Google results. Now, Google is taking a Continue Reading →

How To Create A Google+ Page For Your Business Or Brand


Ever since the initial release of Google+ there has been a lot of talk about the introduction of Google Plus pages. In the beginning Google started suspending accounts, which did not have a proper name, in order to ensure that people were unable to use their Google+ profile as a page, since this feature was to be released later on. Recently, Google finally provided the option to create Google+ pages. Continue Reading →