Perform Reverse DNS Lookup With Resolver

Nslookup is a network administration command-line tool used widely by system and network administrators for querying the Domain Name System(DNS) to obtain domain name or IP address mapping for a specific DNS record. Resolver is an open source application designed to help you perform a reverse DNS Lookup for a single IP address and for an IP range. You can also import IPs from a text file and the clipboard. Continue Reading →

Manage Ubuntu Boot Options For Plymouth, Burg & Grub With Super Boot Manager

Super Boot Manger is a comprehensive application for managing Grub Manager, Plymouth and Burg, which are handy applications for Ubuntu boot management. It provides options for installing and managing Grub, Plymouth and Burg from a GUI based interface. This enables easy tweaking with Ubuntu boot options to suit your needs. These include, changing the boot screen theme, setting the default operating system for booting, setting screen resolution, timeout and much Continue Reading →

How To Clean Ubuntu Cache, Kernels, Config Data And Purge PPAs [Tip]

It can be quite a laborious to remove out dated Ubuntu packages, cache, to purge PPAs and cleanse the kernel. While there are a few individual applications like YPPA Manager which allow purging outdated PPAs, one seldom finds an application which allow performing multiple tasks in Ubuntu (such as the aforementioned) with convenience. Using the Ubuntu Tweak, you can perform package cleaning tasks easily with the Package Cleaner option. It Continue Reading →

CLI Companion Is A GUI Based Terminal For Ubuntu & Debian Beginners

Ubuntu beginners always find the Terminal to be quite confusing. CLI Companion is a GUI alternative for the Ubuntu and Debian Terminal which displays Terminal commands in a list and allows running them in a click. Previously performed commands are also stored in a searchable list to be used later on and tab support adds the utility of performing multiple Terminal tasks simultaneously in a single interface.

Get Touch Screen BIOS For GIGABYTE Z-68 Motherboards

GIGABYTE Touch BIOS is a free software developed by the GIGABYTE manufacturers for their z-68 motherboards. It is a GUI based software which allows easily configuring BIOS from within the native operating system (such as Windows) . You can either configure your BIOS setting using the mouse or by Touch Screen functionality. It even provides a screenshot button for taking a quick screenshot of any part of the BIOS. You Continue Reading →

Fix Complex Windows Issues In A Single Click With Crisis Aversion Tool

Crisis Aversion Tool (CAT) is a portable software which helps users in resolving complex Windows issues in a single click. It provides a large number of fixes and solutions for Flash Player, Windows Shutdown, Internet Explorer, Windows Shell, USB Drives, checking a file for malware via Virus Total, and much more. CAT is quite a useful tool as it resolves complex issues within a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) which Continue Reading →

Test Local, External Hard Drive & USB Health With EASIS Drive Check

Disk Errors often occur due to anything from canceling setups, force shutdowns to manual system power off. Disk errors can often result in permanent damage to the hard drive. For this reason it is important to run a S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) supported application to check your hard disk health. This is so because S.M.A.R.T is a known standard to monitor, track and test sensitive values from your Continue Reading →

Fully Customize Ubuntu Unity Settings With Confity

Lately, I have reviewed a lot of Unity customization applications. These include, Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor. Confity is an Ubuntu application which combines the features of Unity Plugin and Unity Launcher Editor. It allows easily changing and fully customizing Unity settings such as icon size, device view, launch animation, etc within a simple GUI interface. You can grab Confity from the download link at the end of this Continue Reading →