How To Install Windows Store Apps From Windows 8 Classic Desktop

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While the Windows Store is filling up with new and interesting apps every day, searching application across the store can be a nuisance. At the moment there does not appear to be any search functionality in the Windows Store and even if it is added later on the chances are that we will see a lot of issues in searching for apps. This issue is sometimes even be faced by Continue Reading →

How To Revert Back To Old Hotmail Interface From

Recently, Microsoft has introduced a new interface for Hotmail and now you can also access your email via the URL. However, if you have recently changed your interface, then you might have been disappointed due to the lack luster UI that gives an over powering effect on the eyes. Furthermore, the available options to change the UI theme also seem to be quite ridiculous and it is hard to Continue Reading →

How To Enable Windows Media Center In Windows 8


Those of you who have installed Windows 8 might have noticed that Windows Media Center is missing among the available applications. A Windows 8 FAQs page has explained that Windows Media Center does not come pre-installed in Windows 8 (at least in the Release Preview). However, you can install Windows Media Center by following the steps given below.

How To Enable Hibernate In Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin


It seems that Canonical always finds a way to annoy users after the release of each new Ubuntu operating system version. And this time around they have done it again by excluded the Hibernate option from the Session Menu in Ubuntu 12.04. Nonetheless, the Hibernate option is easier to enable than you might think, even if it requires some tweaking with a system file. If you would like to re-enable Continue Reading →

How To Install Windows 8 And Configure First Run Settings

Windows 8 is finally out and though there might be some further modifications in the RTM release and later some service pack enhancements, Windows 8 Consumer Preview seems pretty much like the final product. To walk you through the installation process and the various start up settings, we have created a video for our WML Cloud readers. Below are step by step instructions, followed by a video tutorial that shows Continue Reading →

How To Join A Domain In Windows 7

To implement Domain policies for Active Directory users, it is first necessary for the client operating system to join a Domain. The policies are implemented after the client computer comes under the umbrella of the Domain itself and logs in from the Domain credentials. In this post I will tell you the two basic methods that can be used for joining a Domain from a Windows 7 client operating system.

How To Change Default Kindle Fire Launcher & Switch To Stock Launcher

Since the release of Kindle Fire there have been a lot of customization guides that have helped Kindle Fire users to enhance the functionality of their tablets. In a previous post I showed you how to get an Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher for Kindle Fire in two easy steps. But if you would like to switch back to the stock Kindle Launcher or would simply like to regain the option Continue Reading →

How To Switch To Classic Control Panel In Windows 8


Windows 8 has come with a lot of annoying features one of which is the issue of finding the classic interface. The Control Panel is no doubt the brain of the Windows operating system as it contains all the essential features. While the Metro Control Panel contains options for the Metro UI based applications, it does not have the rest of the important Windows options. In order to access all Continue Reading →

How To Convert Rpm File Packages To Deb Files In Ubuntu Linux


Anyone who has ever used Ubuntu or Debian knows how easy it is to use the Software Center instead of having to remember convoluted command lines to install a software from the Terminal. Deb packages provide the convenience of installing applications via the Software Center. This is quite convenient as double clicking a Deb file opens it in the GUI based Software Center and allows installing it in a single Continue Reading →