How To Change Default Internet Explorer Restrictions In Windows Home Server 2011 [IE Settings]

As Windows Home Server 2011 is based on Windows Server 2008, therefore, it also has the default Internet Explorer restrictions, which are quite frustrating to work with. One has to go through too many prompts which makes browsing almost impossible. Follow the below instructions to get rid of these restrictions.

Block website Ads With Simple Adblock Extension For Internet Explorer


Ad Block has been a famous extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, for blocking unwanted adds on websites. Since long Internet Explorer users have longed for a version of this extension, which was made available a few months back by the name of Simple Adblock. Although this extension was launched last year, however, it has now become more easy to use and has been enhanced to provide some great features Continue Reading →

Backup & Restore Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE Settings & Data With FavBackup

It can be quite annoying when one require re-configuring browser settings after the installation or re-installation of a browser on a computer. This problem can however, be easily avoided by using FavBackup. It is a free software that provides an easy to use mechanism for backing up and restoring browser data for famous browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Flock . FavBackup provides a simple wizard Continue Reading →

Disable Internet Explorer Options To Restrict Settings Access With IE Option Disabler

IE Option Disabler is a portable software for restricting users on a computer from changing Internet Explorer settings. It allows disabling, restricting and hiding certain options such as Privacy options, Internet Options, General tab and more. This can be helpful in making sure that other users on a shared computer do not mess with Internet Explorer settings.

Change Internet Explorer Security Restrictions In Windows Server 2008

The default Internet Explorer security restrictions in Windows Server 2008 can be quite annoying. After installing Windows Server 2008, one may be interested in downloading some important hotfixes, software and other required tools. However, the default Internet Explorer policies ask for access permission for the website that is to be accessed and also sub-domains, related links (such as banner-ad URLs), etc. In this post I will tell you how to Continue Reading →

How To Increase Download Speed In Chrome & Internet Explorer, FileServe Manager

FileServe Manager is a free download manager which integrates with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to  provide accelerated download speed. You can also add individual URLs separately to download or select FileServe option by right clicking on a download link. It even resumes broken downloads which eliminates the need to restart a download from scratch.

How To Remotely Access Windows Home Server 2011 & Shared Computers Using Remote Web Access

Although the Dashboard can be used to connect to Windows Home Server 2011. However, to access complete server resources and shared computers, the Remote Web Access feature can be used. There are many ways to remotely access computers on a network. Nonetheless, This method of access uses the cloud (internet) to access the shared computers and home server.

Identify Webpage Compatibility Issues With Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer

Compatibility Detector is a Chrome extension which scans for compatibility issues on a web page in relation to popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari). This helps in identifying conflicts that a page may face by many of the commonly used browsers. It also provides a detailed information about web page compatibility issues which may arise with other browsers. Compatibility Detector identifies issues such as covering Continue Reading →

Quick Download Of YouTube Videos In High Quality In Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer And Opera With Fastest Tube

Fastest Tube is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari And Opera users that that allows downloading YouTube videos in MP4, as well as in FLV format. Unlike many other extensions, it provides a clean download button below the YouTube video, which makes it appear like a built in option. With Fastest Tube you don’t have to use extensions with inconveniently placed download buttons (e.g. near the address Continue Reading →