Watch Free TV And Stream Internet Radio Stations – Earth Media Center


You can watch free TVprograms and listen to Radio Streams from your Windows desktop with Earth Media Center. It is somewhat similar to Readon which also allows watching free TV streams from yourdesktop. It includes the option to sort TV Channel Streams by country and Genre to find the appropriate channel such as MGM, BBC, Bloomberg and many more. The channels are from hundreds of countries and several categories. You Continue Reading →

Radio Tray: System Tray Internet Radio Player For Ubuntu

Radio Tray is system tray based internet radio player for Linux. Other than providing a smooth playback experience and the utility to tune into to a large number of radio channels from around the world, Radio Tray also provides a minimalist interface. Radio Tray works from the app-indicator menu and supports bookmarks, , WAX, PLS, M3U, ASX and WVX playlists. Furthermore, it can play a number of media formats based Continue Reading →

Clementine: Spotify, Grooveshark And Supported Audio Player


Clementine is a cross-platform music player for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based operating systems. The most unique feature of this audio player is that it provides support for Spotify, Grooveshark, as well as and radio stations. Furthermore, it comes with a global search feature that allows searching for internet radio and music. You can also fetch album art cover from a number of available sources such Continue Reading →

Get Live BBC Radio And TV Channels In Ubuntu With BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is an Adobe Air based Desktop software which allows downloading your favorite BBC programs without being connected to the Internet. Just head over to the BBC iPlayer website and click install to install this free software. You will have to install Adobe Air (if not already installed) to use this software, so make sure that it is installed on your computer. Click on Install from the iPlayer website Continue Reading →

Readon Free TV, Movie And Radio Downloads / Player


Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a Windows application that allows watching Live Satellite TV and radio broadcasts on your computer.It uses TV/music over IP technology with no additional equipment and provides access to wide range of digital entertainment resources. It can stream thousands of TV and radio channels from all over the world. You can select a country and genre for sorting and locating your desired channels. It contains Continue Reading →

Access Location Restricted Websites Like Pandora In Firefox With Blue Box Proxy

Editor’s Update: You should try the Tunnel Bear free service, as it is a more robust way of accesing all kinds of location restricted websites from USA and Europe. Check out Tunnel bear from below link: Get Tunnel Bear Free VPN Some websites are blocked outside a country or region such as USA due to copyright issues. This is a common annoyance that leaves many users stranded and deprived of Continue Reading →