How To Use iPad As A Keyboard Hotkey Panel For Mac


HotKeys is a free app for iPad and Mac, which allows using an iPad device as a keyboard shortcuts panel for Mac OS X. Considering the fact that many people use iPad as a companion device for OSX, the HotKeys app can further add to increasing productivity for users by making iPad as a tool to execute OS X hotkeys. This app comes with two pre-configured key packs, including one Continue Reading →

How To Install Alternate Keyboard Apps On Kindle Fire

In a previous post I showed you How To Install Android Market On Kindle Fire. While rooting and installing Android Market was easy, users soon realized that getting the  Android Market to work, didn’t mean the keyboard apps will work as well. In the wake of this dilemma, XDA-Developers forum member “Vtluu” cam up with a solution, which lets you install an alternate keyboard. In this post I will walk Continue Reading →

Share A Single Mouse & Keyboard With Four Different PC With Mouse Without Borders

Mouse Without Borders is a free software from Microsoft Garage which allows users to use a single mouse across four different PC’s as if they were part of one single desktop. Assuming you have have two PCs connected to 3 LCD screens and you are using Mouse Without Borders. In such a case you will be able to move a single mouse between the 3 screens, even though one of Continue Reading →

Share Mouse & Keyboard Across Multiple Computers With ShareMouse

ShareMouse is a cross-platform application for Windows and Mac OS X which lets you share your mouse and keyboard across multiple computers (using the same wired or wireless network connection). It can not only be used as a replacement for Synergy, but also used instead of a KVM Switch which is a hardware device for using the same keyboard, mouse and monitor across multiple computers (hence the name KVM for Continue Reading →