Get Windows Phone 8 Style Launcher For Android With Launcher8

Launcher8 is a free app for Android devices which provides a Windows Phone 8 tiled interface, which is the hallmark of the latest Windows based operating systems, including Windows 8. Launcher8 gives Android devices a Metro UI style lockscreen and launcher to give your Android phone the WP8 look.

AppsBar Displays Recently Closed Mac Apps Above The Menu Bar

If you are looking for a Mac OS X application launcher for quickly accessing recently closed apps, then try AppsBar.  Unlike the common apps that can be launched from the Menu Bar or Dock, AppsBar positions itself on top of the screen and lets your desktop slide down to reveal recently closed apps. Closed apps are automatically added to the bar and can be launched with ease.

How To Change Default Kindle Fire Launcher & Switch To Stock Launcher

Since the release of Kindle Fire there have been a lot of customization guides that have helped Kindle Fire users to enhance the functionality of their tablets. In a previous post I showed you how to get an Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher for Kindle Fire in two easy steps. But if you would like to switch back to the stock Kindle Launcher or would simply like to regain the option Continue Reading →

Get An Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher For Kindle Fire In Two Easy Steps

So you want an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich launcher on your Kindle Fire device? ICS is the new slick and stylish version for the Linux based mobile operating system, i.e. Android. Ever since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, Android users have been eagerly looking to give their devices the ICS look, (if not an ICS upgrade). This Ice Cream Sandwich launcher is meant to give your Kindle Fire Continue Reading →