Get Windows Phone 8 Style Launcher For Android With Launcher8

Launcher8 is a free app for Android devices which provides a Windows Phone 8 tiled interface, which is the hallmark of the latest Windows based operating systems, including Windows 8. Launcher8 gives Android devices a Metro UI style lockscreen and launcher to give your Android phone the WP8 look.

LockerPro Gives iPhone Style Lock Screen Notifications On Android

LockerPro Lockscreen is an Android app that brings iPhone style lock screen notifications  to Android devices. It is available at Google Play and can become your most preferred  Android lock screen replacement. Normally, one might require unlocking the Android lock screen to view various notifications, however, getting such alerts simply from your lock screen can greatly improve the way your device displays notifications.

Add Widgets To Windows 8 Lock Screen With TuneUp IncrediLock


Ever wanted to add a weather widget or stick note on your Windows 8 lock screen? TuneUp IncrediLock is a free Windows 8 application that provides numerous options for customizing the lock screen, including the option to add widgets and change the lock screen image. TuneUp IncrediLock is available at the Windows Store and seems to be in early stage of development. However, it is still good enough to allow Continue Reading →

How To Shutdown, Restart, Log Off And Lock Windows 8 From Metro UI

If you are new to Windows 8 then you are likely to have problem finding the shutdown, restart, log off and lock options as Microsoft has made them more difficult to find for lay users. This is perhaps because of the Tablet PC based user interface of Windows 8 and the fact that Microsoft may be looking to expand towards the portable device market for selling their operating system. In Continue Reading →

Lock Windows Screen Automatically By A Pre-Set Time (Screen Locker)

Screen Locker is a portable software which allows you to schedule locking your Windows screen. When the main screen is locked, it gets disabled until the specified time limit is reached. This ensures that no one can mess with your computer in your absence, even if it has no password. For example, you can schedule the locking and unlocking of your computer screen according to your lunch break time at Continue Reading →

Generic Widget Lockscreen For Android Adds Home Screen Widgets To Android Lock Screen

XDA-Developers member FireZenk has come up with a great  app for Android users, known as Generic Widget Lockscreen. With Generic Widget Lock screen, you can place your home screen widgets to the custom lock screen, to access them even when your device is locked. In other words, the widgets remain available on your lock screen and can be used without having to unlock your device.

Get Quick Access To Essential Windows Options With Handy Shortcuts


Ever wanted to Lock your screen or Clear the clipboard in a single click? How about running a 3D Flip or enabling the screen saver from a shortcut button? Handy Shortcuts is a portable application which allows adding up to twenty useful shortcuts to your desktop. These include shortcuts to switch user, shutdown, restart, log off, lock or hibernate PC, single click access to Device manager, Windows Defender, Add & Continue Reading →