Quickly Lookup IP Address Location In Chrome With IP Geolocator

IP Geolocator is a Google Chrome extension that provides the option to instantly locate IPv4 address. Just enter the IP address in the text box and hit OK  to find the location. This can be useful for people who wish to locate the geographical location of an IP address, for example, some people keep firewall logs which can be used to check which IPs might be attempting to collect information Continue Reading →

How To Enable And Disable Windows 8 Jump List History Log

The Windows 7 taskbar properties contained a Start Menu tab which was meant to offer options to save recently opened Start Menu item history. In Windows 8 this tab has been replaced with a Jump list tab. This tab allows saving recently opened Jump list item history. In this post I will tell you how to enable and disable this history log. By disabling this log you can protect your Continue Reading →

CheckDisk Is GUI For Windows Chkdsk.exe Utility To Scan & Fix Hard Drive Errors

Disk errors can eventually result in permanent damage to the hard drive (if not fixed). In the wake of fats paced computer processing and shortening attention spans of lay users, such errors are likely to occur due to anything from force shutdowns to read/write errors (or Logical bad Sector )because of system load. It can be quite frustrating to run the default Windows Chk Disk utility, which works before system Continue Reading →

Easily Monitor & Automate Windows Services With Services Monitor

Services Monitor is a free tool created for monitoring and managing the states of Windows Services. It allows you to add/remove services and to start, stop or restart them within a simple GUI interface. It’s best feature is the ability to display and auto update status of each service based on time polling (which can be defined by the user), the choice to start, stop, restart multiple services simultaneously. In Continue Reading →