Some Tips To Stay Safe With Your Internet Usage

In this 21st Century internet scenario, it is not only important but also mission-critical to make internet usage as safe as you possibly can, considering the phenomenal amount of phishing, id thefts, fiscal frauds and malware promoters floating around the internet, waiting to trap unwary and naïve users.

Scan Any Software Or Website For Viruses With VirusTotal Web Service

Many software can have a Virus, Trojan, Spyware and the like which can end up causing damage to your computer and stealing your personal information to send it over to the developer of the malware. Key loggers for instance are often embedded in so called free software. A key logger records your keyboard strokes which can then be sent over to the malware creator secretly via the internet so that Continue Reading →

Protect Windows PC From External USB Device Threats With Antirun

Although auto run for USB devices is disabled by default in Windows 7, however, many viruses and malware can infect your PC when you plug in a device such as a pen drive, Android, iPhone, etc. Antirun is a free software which has been designed to protect your PC from threats which may occur from removable media devices such as External hard drives, digital cameras, smart phones and the like. Continue Reading →

Scan Software For Viruses Before Installing It – VirScan Web Service is a free online scanning web service, which checks uploaded files for malware, using many famous antivirus engines such as Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, Bit Defender, Viper, Comodo, F-Secure, and many more. Just upload any file and the website will cross check its files from several reliable anti-virus services and give you a result to help determine if the software has viruses or phishing software which may steal your credit Continue Reading →

Scan Websites For Virus, Errors, Malicious Scripts, etc, Website Security Monitor

It can be hard to identify if your website has been affected by malware or some phishing script. To identify such issues or to scan your website for malicious agents,  you can use Website Security Monitor. It checks selected websites for unauthorized or malicious links, scripts, ads and inappropriate content. It also provides information regarding website accessibility, performance, web server, database integrity, number of external and internal links, web server Continue Reading →

Microsoft System Sweeper Removes Malware, Rootkits & Allows Booting PC Disabled By Viruses

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is a malware removal tool by Microsoft .It is meant to be used in situations where you are unable to start your PC due to a virus or other malware infection, which might have disabled your computers ability to boot. You can save this application to a USB,CD or DVD and boot from it to remove the malware and reclaim your system. It can also be Continue Reading →

Guard Your Android Privacy From Malware With LBE Privacy Guard

LBE Privacy Guard enhances your Android permission system and protects your privacy. It is a good mechanism for saving yourAndroid device from malicious software and malware agents. It works just like Windows UAC (User Account Control) and intercept vital actions (like send SMS, call phones)or requests to access sensitive data, including  (SMS conversation, contacts, phone location, IMEI, IMSI, etc). Hence, permission prompts allow you to monitor what kinds of access Continue Reading →

BitDefender For Android Protects Your Device From Viruses & Other Malware

One thing which has indeed kept pace with cutting edge technology is malware. It’s hard to believe how malware has become a threat for anything from a home computer to mobile devices. BitDefender Mobile Security is a lightweight protection software for Android devices. It is the next generation security solution for Android, with focus on little battery consumption. It provides access to a number of robust security functions in order Continue Reading →

Check Any Website For Viruses And Other Malware With URL Void

Sometimes we come across websites which can contain harmful malware and phishing scams. Although there are a number of ways to avoid getting affected by such malicious agents (such as protective applications and extensions), however, these security parameters require visiting the website for them to work. By then it can be too late to stop these malicious agents from infecting your computer. Such malware can be quite harmful for people Continue Reading →