How To Login To Skype Using A Microsoft Account

As we all know Microsoft has mashed up Microsoft Accounts with Skype, which means that you can now login to Skype using your Microsoft account and even merge your Microsoft and Skype I.D.s. If you are confused as to how you can login to Skype by Using a Microsoft account, then see the simple guide given below.

WhatsApp Messenger, The Best Alternative To SMS On Any Smartphone

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform smartphone app that provides users with a viable alternative to  SMS. With this app you can send text, pictures, audio and video messages to WhatsApp users without any charges. The app is quite famous among smartphone users, however if you haven’t tried it yet, now might be the time to find out what you’re missing. Being a cross-platform mobile app, WhatsApp Messenger has versions available Continue Reading →

Get Official Facebook Messenger App For Android

Facebook chat has become an important tool for keeping people connected. Facebook is not only used by common users but is also being widely being used by entrepreneurs to promote their business and to collaborate with existing and potential clients. Back in the day such tasks were performed via instant messengers such as MSN (Windows Live) and Yahoo messenger, however Facebook Chat has changed all that. Whether you are an Continue Reading →

How To Fix Skype High CPU And Memory Usage In Windows 8

As we all know, Skype is one of the most famous instant messaging and VOIP applications in the world. It is not only a Facebook integrated chat client but a complete VOIP package that has become a need for millions of users. Recently, some users have started complaining that they are facing problems of high system resource consumption by Skype in Windows 8, including an increase in CPU and memory Continue Reading →

ChitChat Web Messenger Brings Uncluttered Facebook Chat

Facebook users who have used desktop clients for Facebook Chat might be aware of a famous application known as ChitChat. In a previous review I explored the features of this advanced Facebook chat client and explained the pros and cons of using it. Recently, the developer of this chat client has released a web messenger for Facebook Chat. The benefits of using this client are many, since it offers an Continue Reading →

Chit Chat Is A Feature Rich, Yet Easy To Use Facebook Chat Client

If you are looking for a free desktop client for Facebook chat with a minimalist look and clean interface, then check out Chit Chat. Chit Chat is similar in functionality to fTalk, but comes with a wider range of handy features such as customization options to change chat text, 20+ useful hotkeys, auto save of chats, support multiple tabs, proxy servers and Facebook user groups.

Translate Live Skype Chat To & From Any Language With Skype Translate


Skype Translate is a translation utility for Skype, which allows instant translation of text chats in numerous languages. For example, if you are having a conversation with a Japanese client who has problem communicating in English, you can use Skype Translate to chat with him in his/her native language. This can be done by simply typing the message in your own language (e.g. English) and it will be automatically translated Continue Reading →

Get fTalk, The Lightweight Facebook Chat Client With Great Interface

The new chat interface for Facebook has made it hard to identify online and offline contacts as they are not aligned separately. If you are looking for an easy way of using Facebook chat, the try fTalk. It is a free desktop client for Facebook chat. It aligns online and offline contacts separately and shows system tray notifications when a contact is online. fTalk is quite lightweight and has a Continue Reading →

Automatically Get Rid Of Skype Home Window With Kill Skype Home

A few weeks back I covered New Skype Features of Skype 5.5. While the new Skype version provides many useful features such as Facebook integration, it also comes with an annoying Home window. Many Skype users find this window quite frustrating as it pops up automatically when Skype starts. Moreover, it also reduces the utility of the Skype Compact View, since two maximized windows do not allows saving desktop space. Continue Reading →

Pidgin Privacy Please Plugin Helps Block Spammers On Pidgin

Pidgin is a widely used multi-messenger for chatting across multiple messengers simultaneously and works on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Pidgin Privacy Please plugin is an open source plugin for Pidgin, which allows blocking messages from spammers, stops repeated authorization requests, spam bots, allows blocking messages according to specified expressions, and can be used to add auto reply messages for blocked users.