How To Access Windows 8 Start Screen And Apps From Classic Desktop

Start Charming is a free Windows 8 app which makes it possible to access the Windows 8 Start Screen and apps right from your desktop. While there are many apps that can help you get the classic start menu in Windows 8 such as Pokki, ViStart and StartMenu8, Start Charming makes it possible to adapt to the Metro UI by “Taming it”.

Change Windows 8 Metro Start Screen Image With Decor8

Decor8 is a Windows 8 app by Stardock, which allows personalizing Windows 8 Metro UI features. With Decor8 you can change the Windows 8 Start Screen background image, create your custom Windows 8 color schemes, randomize the display of your Windows Metro Start Screen background and also personalize your Windows 8 default row count.

How To Create Application Groups On Windows 8 Start Screen

Whenever a new operating system is launched, there are numerous hidden features that one might not immediately discover. One such option in Windows 8 is to organize different Metro applications within groups on the Metro Start Screen. Creating groups can help you better organize your convoluted Metro Apps to identify them at a glance. While applications on the Metro Start Screen (known as Tiles) are auto arranged, you can give Continue Reading →

Skip Windows 8 Start Screen, Disable Charms Bar, Hot Corners And Switch List

Since the inception of Windows 8 many users have been attempting to find ways to bypass some of the new features including the Metro Start Screen, Charms Bar and Hot Corners. There have been a lot of applications that have provided the functionality to control some of these features but not all. Skip Metro Suite is a Windows 8 application that allows users to bypass the Start Screen, disable Top-Left Continue Reading →

Skip Windows 8 Metro Start Screen To See Classic Desktop At Startup

Ever since the introduction of the Windows 8 Metro UI and the Metro Start Screen many people have been willing to find ways to either turn off some or all Metro features or to bypass them. Since many users are more acquainted with the Classic Windows Desktop, for this reason they wish to avoid the Metro Start Screen when Windows 8 starts. Fortunately, a third-party developer “JoeX” has developed an Continue Reading →

How To Close Metro Apps In Windows 8 [Tip]

Windows 8 handles active applications differently than previous versions. This is mainly due to the tablet based Metro UI. For example, if you check the weather using the Metro weather app and then switch to the finance app, the weather app does not close but remains active in the background. As more Metro apps become active, they can strain your system resources and slow down your PC or tablet. It Continue Reading →

Windows 8 Switch List: Navigate Easily Between Active Metro Applications

The Windows 8 Metro interface can be a bit tedious to navigate between, as one can easily loose track of active Metro applications. In previous version of Windows, active applications were spotted and opened using the ALT+Tab hotkey, however the Metro interface works in a different way from the conventional Windows workspace. Therefore, Windows 8 comes with a Switch List to allow users to easily switch between running applications.

How To Enable Windows Media Center In Windows 8


Those of you who have installed Windows 8 might have noticed that Windows Media Center is missing among the available applications. A Windows 8 FAQs page has explained that Windows Media Center does not come pre-installed in Windows 8 (at least in the Release Preview). However, you can install Windows Media Center by following the steps given below.

Windows 8 Release Preview Product Key From Microsoft

At the launch of the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview, there was no product key required during the installation of the operating system. However, things soon seemed confusing when people tried to Refresh/Reset their Windows 8 PC, as a Product Key prompt started showing up. This is why the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released with a visible product key, unlike the developer’s preview for which a key was discovered a Continue Reading →

Download Windows 8 Release Preview (Official And Mirror Link)

Update: The new Final Build of Windows 8  is now available for download. You can get the Latest Windows 8 version from this link. Yesterday, Microsoft released the release candidate for Windows 8, known as the Windows Release Preview. You can download this latest Windows 8 version from the download link given at the end of this post. The Release Preview has come after the Windows 8 Beta version, which Continue Reading →