Five Best Tablet Computers For Students

Students make assignments and take notes daily and they need budget laptops and tablets for completing their tasks. Although tablets are much expensive than laptops and they offer very less features as compared to laptops, but they are in high demand among students and various varieties of these tablet computers are now available. IPad was the only tablet few years ago, but now due to the advancements in technology other Continue Reading →

Motorola Releases Waterproof Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 And 8.2 Tablets

When Apple released their New iPad model, little they would have expected such a tough competition. If you think that the Transformer Prime from ASUS is a big deal, or the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are giving Apple a raw deal, then check out Motorola XYBOARD 10.1 and 8.2. Motorola’s Xyboard tablet line attempts to build an iPad competitor, with some slick and stylish features and a waterproof body. Unlike Continue Reading →