Windows 8 System And Hardware Requirements

Windows Consumer Preview is a beta release of the new version of Windows, which is codenamed “Windows 8.” Below is a complete overview of the system and hardware requirements for installing Windows 8 on a physical machine. These requirements are for the latest Windows 8 Build released by Microsoft. I will be updating this post with newer system requirements as more official versions of Windows 8 are released. You can Continue Reading →

Multitouch Gestures in iOS 4.3 Demoed on iPhone

A YouTube video just surfaced that shows Multi-touch gestures for iPhone 4 and 3GS in action.  However Apple has confirmed that the gestures option for iPad (and possibly iPhone) wont be available  when iOS 4.3 goes gold. It might be released as a major feature for iOS 5 when it is introduced with iPhone 5 in June (2011).