How To Show My Computer And Other Desktop Icons In Windows 8


Windows 8 seems to be more of a tablet oriented operating system which is bound to irritate many Windows users. One of the first issue that one gets entangled in after the installation of Windows 8 is the switch between the Metro UI and the Classic Desktop. Once you have that figured out, there comes the question of how to customize the classic desktop and to find other options. One Continue Reading →

Smart Desktop Adds Shortcuts & Gadgets To Desktop, Alternative To Rainmeter

Smart Desktop is a software which adds useful shortcuts and widgets to your desktop which eliminates the need to add any additional gadgets, program shortcuts and the like. It contains weather, calendar and system monitoring widgets, along with time and date display. Multiple shortcuts within the Home menu provide easy access to browsers, MS Office programs, Google Search, Dictionary Search, media players, system utilities, Windows accessories, etc. Similarly, The Weblinks Continue Reading →

Fully Customize Windows Right Click Menu With Right Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is a windowstweak which enables fully customizing the Windows right-click context menu with custom shortcuts to files, folders and programs. Moreover, you can also add custom shortcuts to My Computer and the Control Panel according to your liking. Other than adding items to the right-click menu, you can also add system paths (to send files to), encrypt or decrypt documents and  folders. Below are instructions for using Continue Reading →

Instantly Launch Windows Utilities With Windows Utilities Launcher

Many of the Windows Utilities like Device Manager, Performance Monitor, Windows Services, etc are accessed by a laborious process. One can feel a bit edgy when having to go through Control Panel and various context menu /Start menu options for accessing Windows Utilities. For example, One might have to access  Disk management from My Computer –> Manage (via right-click context menu) –> Storage –> Disk Management. Windows Utilities Launcher is Continue Reading →