Get Marlin File Browser For Linux With Dropbox And Ubuntu One Support


Marlin is a file browser for Linux based operating systems like Ubuntu. It is based on GTK3 and comes with a number of handy feature that are lacked by other file browsers. This includes Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration. Perhaps one of the best features of Marlin is its support for plugins which enables enhancing it to extend its functionality. For example, you can sync, share and publish your external Continue Reading →

Replace Complete Document Text Strings In Ubuntu With Replace-me

Programmer and professionals associated with development require periodically replacing text strings from multiple files. This can be to change the coding of specific files or to add/remove or modify a text string. Replace-me is a convenient Nautilus extension that allows users to find and replace entire text strings from different files within numerous folders and sub-folders. Replace-me enables the replacement of text strings via right-click menu and is a handy Continue Reading →

Get A Higher Than Maximum Screen Resolution In Ubuntu Linux With Newrez


Linux scripts are always a handy way of making tasks easier for the end user, by performing a number of functions via the right-click menu. I have previously covered a number of scripts, including the Shred File Script and Nautilus Actions Extra, which provides a complete range of nautilus scripts. Recently, I came across a fine script by the name of Newrez. This Nautilus script has been developed for netbook Continue Reading →

Fix Trace/Breakpoint Trap Error When Installing Nautilus Actions Extra

Recently, I covered Nautilus Actions Extra, which provides a number of handy scripts for Nautilus 3 that are integrated with the Ubuntu right-click menu. While Nautilus Actions can be installed via the official PPA in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and Ubuntu 12,04 Precise Pangolin, some users are facing the Trace/Breakpoint Trap error, when installing Nautilus Actions Extra version 3.1.5. It also appears that even if Nautilus Actions gets installed, the Continue Reading →

Nautilus Actions Extra Adds More Features To Ubuntu Right-Click Menu

Scripts have always been a great way of enhancing the functionality of the Nautilus file browser. A good example is the Shred File Script, which allows securely erasing your data. Nautilus Actions Extra is a set of scripts for Nautilus 3, which adds a number of useful options to the Ubuntu right-click menu. The available scripts and actions include advanced search, check file type, calculate file size, verify, view and Continue Reading →

How To Integrate Terminal To Nautilus File Browser In Ubuntu Linux

The Linux Terminal is perhaps one of the most important parts of any Linux distribution. Despite the many GUI enhancements, there are some tasks that users still prefer performing from the Terminal. This includes anything from adding PPAs to performing system tasks. Nautilus Terminal, as the name suggests, is aNautilus extension that integrates the Terminal to the file browser. Nautilus Terminal supports all common functions such as copy/paste (using Ctrl+Shift+C), Continue Reading →

Preview Any Kind Of Audio, Video, Code File In Ubuntu With Globus-Preview

Gloobus-Preview is an extension for the Nautilus file browser, which provides an instant preview of different kinds of files including videos, music, pictures, documents and source code files. It has been based on Apple’s Quicklook, which is a feature to get an instant preview of different kind of files. Gloobus-Preview is part of the three Gloobus projects, the other two being CoverGloobus (to preview and switch between audio files) and Continue Reading →

How To Disable Global Menu In Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Global Menu is perhaps one of the most annoying features of Unity, as it separates the menu options from within the application window, to the Gnome Panel. But disabling such Unity features isn’t as hard as you might think. For example, I previously explained the procedure of disabling the overlay scrollbar to get back the classic scrollbar in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric and Ubuntu 11.04 Natty. In this post I will Continue Reading →

New Features Of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot [Review, Screenshots, Video]

As Ubuntu 11.10 reaches the end of its development cycle, it has come with a number of glossy and stylish new features. In this post I will walk you through the various changes, upgrades and improvements which have been included with the fifteenth Ubuntu version i.e Oneiric Ocelot. For those of you who may be wondering about the meaning of the code name of this operating system, here is a Continue Reading →

Upload Photos & Videos To Facebook From Ubuntu & Debian Linux

Linux has suffered from random Facebook changes which have caused conflicts with Linux operating systems. For example, Facebook’s native photo uploader often fails to upload images in Ubuntu. Nautilus Facebook Uploader is a desktop application which allows uploading  photos and videos to Facebook, creating albums and enables setting an upload schedule. You can grab the Nautilus Facebook Uploader with the .deb package from the developers link at the end of Continue Reading →