Recover Lost Browser Passwords & Fix Windows Issues With NirLauncher


Nirsoft website has showcased a number of useful applications for recovering password, fixing PC and network issues, etc. All of these software are provided free of cost and have been developed by a developer named Nir Sofer. Nirsoft suite, known as NirLauncher is a lightweight application suite which contains several useful software for resolving a number of system issues. The entire suite is only 10MB in size and all software Continue Reading →

Get Detailed Information About All Process Threads, ProcessThreadsView

ProcessThreadsView is a portable software from Nirsoft which provides detailed information about all threads of a selected process. The thread information includes the Thread ID, Context Switches Count, Priority, Created Time, User/Kernel Time, Number of Windows, Window Title, Start Address, and much more. When selecting a thread in the upper pane, the lower pane displays the following information: Strings found in the stack, stack modules addresses, call stack, and processor Continue Reading →

Find Out Who Is Using Your Wireless Connection & Identify Intruders

Wireless Network Connections are often at risk of being accessed by intruders who choke bandwidth by accessing other people’s wireless connections. This can occur for both unsecure and protected networks, as wireless network packets are easy to access for hacker to break into Wi-Fi networks. Wireless Network Watcher is a free and portable software which scans your wireless network and displays the list of connected devices to help you identify Continue Reading →

Troubleshoot, Resolve Windows Driver & Services Issues With ServiWin

ServiWin is a portable utility from Nirsoft, which displays a complete list of installed drivers and services with detailed information to help you identify and troubleshoot Windows driver and Windows Services. The available information includes,  data which is not visible from Device manager or Windows Services section. With ServiWin you can get information regarding file description, version, product name, manufacturer’s name, driver status, boot configurations and error control. Furthermore, you Continue Reading →

View Laptop Battery Performance And Ability Stats, BatteryInfoView

BatteryInfoView is another splendid free software from Nirsoft which displays in-depth information about your computer’s battery. The displayed battery information includes manufacturer’s name, serial number, manufacture date, current batter capacity, power state (charging or discharging), full charge capacity, battery voltage, critical bias, battery temperature, etc. You can also select a timeframe for updating your system battery information to check for fresh stats periodically. This can help you troubleshoot battery issues Continue Reading →

DNSDataView Is A GUI Based Alternative For The Nslookup Command Line


Nslookup is a command-line tool is used for querying the Domain Name System (DNS) to obtain domain name or IP address mapping, or a specific DNS record. DNSDataView is a portable GUI (Graphical User Interface) based alternative for the Nslookup command line. This application also allows you to retrieve DNS records (MX, NS, A, SOA) of specified domains