Norton Identity Safe, Securely Login To Any Service [Windows, iOS, Android]


Norton Identity Safe is a password management application for Windows and mobile platforms (Android and iOS), which provides a LastPass like service for the easy management of saved online passwords. You can save all your passwords to your Norton account and access them anytime with a single master password. What’s more is that Norton Identity Safe provides valuable information about the rating of a website, to help you identify logging Continue Reading →

Check Any Website For Viruses And Other Malware With URL Void

Sometimes we come across websites which can contain harmful malware and phishing scams. Although there are a number of ways to avoid getting affected by such malicious agents (such as protective applications and extensions), however, these security parameters require visiting the website for them to work. By then it can be too late to stop these malicious agents from infecting your computer. Such malware can be quite harmful for people Continue Reading →