How To Install Windows Home Server 2011 (Vail)

Installing Windows Home Server 2011 can be slightly tricky as it is quite distinct in nature as compared to other Microsoft based operating systems. For instance, it cannot be installed unless you have at least 160GB of hard disk space available on the host machine. Make sure you check out the system specifications (given below) before installing Windows Server 2011. Below is a walkthrough of the steps involved in installing Continue Reading →

How To Create Users In Windows Home Server 2011 (Vail)

Microsoft provides the utility of adding up to 10 users which can connect to Windows Home Server 2011. These users can be created from the Dashboard. This makes the procedure different from other Windows based operating systems. See the below instructions to find out how to create users in Windows Home Server 2011 aka Vail.

Assign Custom Hotkeys For Windows Applications And Tasks With ZenKey

ZenKey is an advanced application that allows you to control all aspects of your Windows operating system. Using ZenKEY you can assign custom hotkeys to installed application, create menus, assign actions to launch programs or files, minimize windows as icons, set Windows transparency levels, issue Windows system commands and so on.

How To Install & Setup Debian 6 [Video & Download Link]

Debian is a operating system which was arguably one of the first Linux distributions in it’s humble release in 1993. It’s sister OS known as Ubuntu has become quite famous among home users, nonetheless, Debian still remains a favorite choice for more professional end users. After 24 months of constant development, the Debian Project has presented its new stable Debian version 6.0 (aka Squeeze). Below is a video to walk Continue Reading →