Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Activity With Social Monitor (Parental Control & Protection)

Children are now more vulnerable to internet threats than ever before. Social networking website like Facebook are fast becoming a major source of scams and criminal elements searching for potential targets. Lately, there has been a lot of concern among many parents to make Facebook free of Pedophiles. Social Monitor is a Facebook monitoring application, which can download important content regarding your child’s Facebook activity. This can also be used Continue Reading →

Restrict Distracting Websites Within Specific Timeframe In Chrome [Extension]

Users often spend too much time on YouTube, Facebook, etc and later suffer from sleep deprivation or associated symptoms as they run short of time to rest. Such problems lead to disastrous effects including health problems and even to the death of a Chinese man who died due to playing games for three days on Facebook (as reported by Fox News). Chrome Nanny is a Chrome extension which allows you Continue Reading →