Block website Ads With Simple Adblock Extension For Internet Explorer


Ad Block has been a famous extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, for blocking unwanted adds on websites. Since long Internet Explorer users have longed for a version of this extension, which was made available a few months back by the name of Simple Adblock. Although this extension was launched last year, however, it has now become more easy to use and has been enhanced to provide some great features Continue Reading →

How To Encrypt NotePad++ Text Files With SecurePad Plugin

Notepad++ is an advanced text editor for programmers which supports many programming languages and can be used as an alternative to Windows Notepad. It is basically a source code editor and Notepad replacement which runs in the MS Windows environment. Notepad++ is based on the editing component known as Scintilla and is written in C++ . Notepad++ uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and Continue Reading →

Pidgin Privacy Please Plugin Helps Block Spammers On Pidgin

Pidgin is a widely used multi-messenger for chatting across multiple messengers simultaneously and works on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Pidgin Privacy Please plugin is an open source plugin for Pidgin, which allows blocking messages from spammers, stops repeated authorization requests, spam bots, allows blocking messages according to specified expressions, and can be used to add auto reply messages for blocked users.

Watch YouTube, DailyMotion, Soapbox Videos In Windows Media Center, MacroTube

MacroTube is a media center plugin which allows watching YouTube, DailyMotion and Soapbox videos within Windows Media Center. This means you can enjoy videos from these websites on a Media Center TV. MacroTube retains all functionalities supported by video streaming websites like YouTube. You can search and stream videos, sort them by rating, category (entertainment, comedy, education, etc), date and relevance.

QTTabBar Allows Using Windows Explorer In Tabs

QTTabBar is a free software which allows working with Windows Explorer in tabs. You can also configure custom hotkeys to perform multiple functions, including moving forward or backward in Windows Explorer. In other words users can fulfill their long standing desire of using a tabbed interface for Windows Explorer, just like they do for modern browsers. This can help users multi-task and keep an eye on numerous tabs simultaneously and Continue Reading →

Correct Grammar Mistakes In Windows Live Writer, Grammar Checker Plugin

Grammar Checker Plugin is an open source plugin for Windows Live Writer which corrects grammar mistakes. It has added the functionality which has been long missing in this otherwise excellent blogging client. Grammar Checker, not only provides the correct grammar, style and spelling format for a mistake, but also shows grammatical reasons for the provided correction. It is based on the famous web service known as After The Deadline, which Continue Reading →

How To Customize Unity Panel Features & Resize Unity Icons

The willingness of Ubuntu users to customize Unity launcher is leading to many customization tweaks and plugins. Unity icons by default can seem to be a bit larger than for Netbooks and small monitor screens. However,  Ubuntu Unity Plugin can help you customize it’s look to suite your needs. See the below procedure to resize Unity icons and to customize the look of your Unity launcher easily.

Media Browser–Media Center Plugin For Watching Movies, Trailers, Podcasts & More

Media Browser is a Windows Media Center plugin that contains a comprehensive set of options for managing your media collection. It picks your collections from user-specified folder and provides IMDB information such as synopsis, cast details, rating, genre, etc. You can play your media on Windows Media Player and watch it on a media center TV with synopsis, picture slideshows and other details.  It also has a parental control feature Continue Reading →