Sleep Preventer Disables Sleep, Hibernation, etc During Running Tasks


Sleep Preventer is a free and  portable software which prevents disruptive features of a power conserving power plan from being activated during important tasks. For example, instead of switching your power plan from Power Saver to High Performance, you can simply activate Sleep Preventer to avoid your system from going into hibernation, sleep mode, etc. This ensures that you are able to carry on with your important tasks such as Continue Reading →

Block System Shutdown When USB Is Plugged In With USB Guard

One can sometimes forget to remove a portable hard drive from a PC before shutting it down. This may result in theft of the USB or External Drive, if you leave it plugged into a public computer, or you may be unable to extract your data in a timely manner. For example, if you forget your USB plugged into an office computer, you might not be able to use the Continue Reading →

Completely Change Windows 8 Metro Colors With Metro UI Color Changer

It appears that most third-party development efforts after the release of of Windows 8, have produced applications to tweak the Metro UI. I have covered a number of Windows 8 tweaks such as , Windows 8 Start Tweaker, Metro Controller and Metro UI Tweaker. Recently, I cam across another Windows 8 tweak for the Metro UI, which is designed to transform the look of Metro based elements. Metro UI Colors Continue Reading →

Shift Current Window In One Click When Using Dual Monitors, Dual Swap

When working in a multi-monitor setup, it can be quite tedious to periodically switch application windows from one monitor screen to another. Dragging and dropping a window often results in resizing it due to “Aero Snap”. This can result in accidental clicks which launch or close applications unnecessarily. A better way of transferring a window can be to use DualSwap. It is a free software, which allows shifting the current Continue Reading →

Create A Bootable ISO Disc Image From Windows Setup Files With WBICreator

If you copy files from a Windows disc to a hard drive or USB for burning them onto a CD/DVD, the output disc does not become bootable. In other words burning Windows setup files from a local or external drive will not allow you to boot the CD/DVD device (on which files are burned) for installing Windows. Many people do not know how to create a “bootable” CD or DVD Continue Reading →

Add Stylish Effects To Pictures In A Click With Easy Photo Effects


Easy Photo Effects is an easy to use free software which allows adding the most complex photo effects (like TiltShift effect) to any selected photo in a single click. It is more feature rich than the previously reviewed “Leaf” software and also provides additional tweaking options to adjust other image parameters such as the size, effect layout, borders, etc. It does not require any installation and is available in portable Continue Reading →

View & Track Unwatched Subscribed YouTube Videos With YTWatcher

YTWatcher is a portable desktop software which allows you to view, manage and sort your subscribed, favorite and liked YouTube videos. It tracks unwatched videos from your subscriptions and plays them back to back. You can also share subscribed video via Facebook and Twitter . When a video is played, YTWatcher records its duration and plays it from the exact point from where you left (in case the YTWatcher is Continue Reading →

Get Daily Comic Strips From Many Online Sources With ComicDaily

ComicDaily is a Java-based application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux which provides daily comics from various online sources. It contains a list of comics which can be viewed on a daily basis including newspaper comic strips such as Hagar the Horrible, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobes, and many others. Unlike previously reviewed Jomics and QManga, ComicDaily is not a CBR or CBZ (comic format) reader. Instead, it provides newspaper Continue Reading →