Replace Complete Document Text Strings In Ubuntu With Replace-me

Programmer and professionals associated with development require periodically replacing text strings from multiple files. This can be to change the coding of specific files or to add/remove or modify a text string. Replace-me is a convenient Nautilus extension that allows users to find and replace entire text strings from different files within numerous folders and sub-folders. Replace-me enables the replacement of text strings via right-click menu and is a handy Continue Reading →

How To Encrypt NotePad++ Text Files With SecurePad Plugin

Notepad++ is an advanced text editor for programmers which supports many programming languages and can be used as an alternative to Windows Notepad. It is basically a source code editor and Notepad replacement which runs in the MS Windows environment. Notepad++ is based on the editing component known as Scintilla and is written in C++ . Notepad++ uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and Continue Reading →

PasteBin Software – Save And Export Clipboard History To PasteBin is an online developers platform to store pieces of sources code or configuration information. It allows programmers to collaborate on their development modules. PasteBin is a portable software which is designed to help you save and manage your clipboard code history . It allows logging in from a Guest account which makes it possible to use PasteBin on office computers with limited user privileges. Moreover, you can also login Continue Reading →

Easypad LAP Alternative To Windows Notepad With Development Friendly Formats

Easypad LAP is an alternative to the default Windows Notepad with a lot of additional features with most prominent being the Ribbon based user interface which offers five separate tabs for handling the document alignment, selecting text color, font style, document security, etc. Users can save your text document in TXT, RTF, XML, XAML, HTML, PHP, JS, Java, CS, ASP and RESX formats. This can be quite helpful for developers Continue Reading →

PowerExt Is A .Net Extension For Windows Explorer

PowerExt is a C++ is an extension for Windows Explorer, which is made for .Net Assemblies. It can display assembly version, assembly name, public key, strong name etc (in Windows Explorer). PowerExt  adds an additional .NET tab to the Windows Explorer’s File Properties dialog. It is an ATL COM component which registers itself as property sheet handlers for .DLL and .EXE files. When a user right-clicks on a DLL or Continue Reading →