How To Convert Rpm File Packages To Deb Files In Ubuntu Linux


Anyone who has ever used Ubuntu or Debian knows how easy it is to use the Software Center instead of having to remember convoluted command lines to install a software from the Terminal. Deb packages provide the convenience of installing applications via the Software Center. This is quite convenient as double clicking a Deb file opens it in the GUI based Software Center and allows installing it in a single Continue Reading →

Create Language Tests To Learn New Languages With Open Teacher

Open Teacher is an open source free software which can be used to create tests for improving your foreign language skills. It allows creating a list of pre-defined words with translations in another language for creating tests to analyze your learning skills. Open Teacher is a cross-platform software and therefore, works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The created lists and tests can be saved and loaded periodically checking Continue Reading →

Scan And Identify Active IPs On A Network From Windows, Mac, Linux

Angry IP Scanner is an open source and cross platform application, which allows scanning for active IPs on a network. You can scan for a specific range of IPs to determine which IP addresses may be available for being assigned to other systems. You can also select a hostname to obtain more in-depth information about it, which can help in creating network inventories.

How To Configure & Backup Your Gmail Emails In Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free mail client from Mozilla, which is considered as a viable alternative to MS Outlook. In this post I will tell you how to configure a Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird to backup and manage your emails using Thunderbird email client. The following instructions can be used to configure your Gmail account in not just Mozilla Thunderbird 5 but all other versions as well.

Create Live Linux USB To Run It On Windows With Universal USB Installer

Using a Live USB for simulating an operating system can be more useful than a Live CD orDVD, as a USB allows saving extra data and is faster than optical drives. Using a Live USB can help you boot temporarily from a separate operating system and allows working on other kinds of OS (for example Ubuntu) on machines which may have other kinds of operating systems installed. For example, if Continue Reading →

Extract Audio From Video & Convert Audio Files In Linux With Gnac

Gnac is a lightweight Linux based audio converter which supports conversion between WAV, Ogg, Flac, Mp3, Mp4a and SPX Format. Other than being a lightning fast audio converter, it also allows extracting audio from video files. Gnac can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this post. It has packages available for Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, Open Suse, Arch Linux and other distributions.

Empty Dropbox Cache To Free Hard Disk Space In Windows, Linux & Mac

Dropbox contains a hidden cache folder which stores deleted files. When you attempt to recover a deleted file this folder is used to restore your files instead of downloading them from the Dropbox server. This might be useful for a lot of people since it saves time and bandwidth to restore files from your local hard drive. However, this might be a problem for people who always find themselves short Continue Reading →

UGet Download Manager For Windows & Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Linux

UGet (previously known as urlgfe) is a cross-platform & open Source download manager for Windows and Linux. Other than an EXE file, it is also available with a .Deb and .RPM package, which makes it easy to install on Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora and other Linux operating systems. It comes with many useful features, such as, pause &  resuming of downloads, URL clipboard history, batch downloading of files, application Continue Reading →

Control & Sync Files With Amazon S3 Account From Desktop With DragonDisk Free

DragonDisk is a free cross platform Amazon S3client, which allows managing your S3 account from your desktop.  It acts like a network drive and provides the utility to upload and download files, set permissions, synchronize folders with local drives and your S3 account, generate HTTP or Torrent URLs,  and save your cloud data to a local drive. DragonDisk has versions for Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems.