JetClean Cleans Clutter, Boosts PC Performance & Internet Connection


There are many system¬† cleanup utilities that are considered to be a comprehensive solution for cleaning clutter from numerous temporary directories. One such example is the widely used CCleaner application. However, many users are unaware of the fact that it in fact fails to remove clutter from many directories (including the log files from the Windows system directory and even the Temp folder (located within user profiles). Furthermore, junk file Continue Reading →

Extract Old Files From Windows System Restore Points With System Restore Explorer

System Restore is an option in Windows based operating systems which allows rolling back some system files, registry settings and applications to a formerly saved system state. System Restore only allows creating and restoring the system state and does not allow extracting individual files. System Restore Explorer is a tool which allows you to browse available System Restore points on your computer and provides the option to select system restore Continue Reading →

Prevent Programs For Altering Windows Startup Without Your Permission

StartupEye is a lightweight free software which works from the system tray to monitor programs which may attempt to modify the system startup settings without your permission. It instantly warns you if a program tries to write a registry entry to start with Windows startup without your permission. Furthermore, it enables scanning the software with VirusTotal so that you can verify if the program is not a virus, spyware or Continue Reading →

Clean Your System From Changes Made By USB Drives With ProEject

ProEject is an easy to use application which allows you to safely dismount a removable drive by closing running applications and open windows, as well as clearing the Windows registry and folders of any trace that a USB drive might have left behind. This ensures that you are able to get rid of any traces left behind on your computer by removable disks. ProEject will remove traces of programs in Continue Reading →