Make Remote Administration Of Network Computers Easy With Desktop Central


Remote administration has become an important part of daily administration tasks for system and network administrators. Desktop Central is a free Windows tool that makes Windows Administration easier on a day-to-day basis. It has 12 tools, which  provide remote management of systems, wake on LAN options, remote command prompt, GPO (Group Policy) update, hard disk space detection, power monitoring for portable computers on the network (such as laptops), etc.

Remote Assistance In Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 [Guide]

Remote Assistance is a Windows feature by which a client operating system can send request for help to an administrator or friend. The Helper can even be allowed complete control of the user’s desktop, provided its allowed by the assisted person. There are also features in Active Directory (Windows Server 2008) that can be configured to set preferred remote assistance settings. In this post we will explain remote assistance methods Continue Reading →

Provide Remote Assistance To Friends Using Windows And Mac With CrossLoop

We often require assistance from friends in terms of many technical matters. This is not just the case with lay users but also IT Pros. An example can be assistance from a network administrator to a desktop admin via remote assistance. Likewise, novice end users often require remote assistance from  more experienced users. In a local network this can be easily done via the Windows Remote Assistance feature. However, for Continue Reading →