Locate Required Information From Webpages Easily With Browseye

Browseye is an extension for Firefox, Chrome And Safari that helps quickly locate relevant data from webpages by hiding irrelevant content. Browseye is basically an extended version of the CTRL+F command with more convenient options to identify relevant information from within a webpage by highlighting paragraphs and chunks of text that contain the defined content.

Backup & Restore Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE Settings & Data With FavBackup

It can be quite annoying when one require re-configuring browser settings after the installation or re-installation of a browser on a computer. This problem can however, be easily avoided by using FavBackup. It is a free software that provides an easy to use mechanism for backing up and restoring browser data for famous browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Flock . FavBackup provides a simple wizard Continue Reading →

Google Swiffy Converts Flash SWF Files To HTML5 Format

Swiffy is a Google web service available from Google Labs, which allows converting Flash SWF files to HTML5 format. The conversion process is quite easy and can be useful for converting and viewing Flash content on devices without a Flash Player (such as an iPhone or iPad). Swiffy  supports a SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0, and the output works is displayed within Webkit browsers such as Google Chrome and Mobile Continue Reading →

Download CCleaner For Mac To Clean & Optimize Mac OS X

The widely used CCleaner software for Windows is now available for Mac users. It contains all the required system tools for cleaning and optimizing your Mac, including options to remove junk files from Temporary Folder, Recent Documents, Recent Applications, Recent Servers, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and much more.

Identify Webpage Compatibility Issues With Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera & Internet Explorer

Compatibility Detector is a Chrome extension which scans for compatibility issues on a web page in relation to popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari). This helps in identifying conflicts that a page may face by many of the commonly used browsers. It also provides a detailed information about web page compatibility issues which may arise with other browsers. Compatibility Detector identifies issues such as covering Continue Reading →

Quick Download Of YouTube Videos In High Quality In Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer And Opera With Fastest Tube

Fastest Tube is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari And Opera users that that allows downloading YouTube videos in MP4, as well as in FLV format. Unlike many other extensions, it provides a clean download button below the YouTube video, which makes it appear like a built in option. With Fastest Tube you don’t have to use extensions with inconveniently placed download buttons (e.g. near the address Continue Reading →