Replace Complete Document Text Strings In Ubuntu With Replace-me

Programmer and professionals associated with development require periodically replacing text strings from multiple files. This can be to change the coding of specific files or to add/remove or modify a text string. Replace-me is a convenient Nautilus extension that allows users to find and replace entire text strings from different files within numerous folders and sub-folders. Replace-me enables the replacement of text strings via right-click menu and is a handy Continue Reading →

Get A Higher Than Maximum Screen Resolution In Ubuntu Linux With Newrez


Linux scripts are always a handy way of making tasks easier for the end user, by performing a number of functions via the right-click menu. I have previously covered a number of scripts, including the Shred File Script and Nautilus Actions Extra, which provides a complete range of nautilus scripts. Recently, I came across a fine script by the name of Newrez. This Nautilus script has been developed for netbook Continue Reading →

Nautilus Actions Extra Adds More Features To Ubuntu Right-Click Menu

Scripts have always been a great way of enhancing the functionality of the Nautilus file browser. A good example is the Shred File Script, which allows securely erasing your data. Nautilus Actions Extra is a set of scripts for Nautilus 3, which adds a number of useful options to the Ubuntu right-click menu. The available scripts and actions include advanced search, check file type, calculate file size, verify, view and Continue Reading →

Shred Files In Ubuntu From To Make Them Unrecoverable [Shred File Script]


Sometimes it is necessary to not only delete, but shred confidential files. As shredding files makes it impossible to recover deleted files and ensures privacy protection. While there are many useful file shredding applications for Windows, such as ProtectStart Data Shredder (which shreds data according to military grade), there is a shortage of reliable file shredding mechanisms in Linux. Shred File Script is a Linux script, which allows shredding files Continue Reading →

Remove Unity Logon Screen Dots, Install XScreenSaver, CCSM, Faenza Icons, Gnome Tweak Tool & More [Script]


Ubuntu 11.10 users who are using the Gnome 3 shell require installing some essential applications to enhance Oneiric functionality. These include CompizConfig Settings Manager, Gnome Tweak Tool and XScreenSaver. Recently, a third-party developer has created an all in one script, known as The Theme Script. This script provides installation of CCSM, the Faenza icons, London Smoke gnome-shell, Gnome Tweak Tool, XScreenSaver, Plastiq RC2 GTK3 theme, as well as a script Continue Reading →