Emulate And Run iPad Apps On Windows, Mac OS X & Linux With iPadian

iPadian is a free software for running iPad applications on Windows. This Adobe Air based application provides a custom app store and comes with some pre-installed iPad apps. iPadian can be run in full screen mode, as well as like a normal maximized application, (such as with the taskbar visible in a Windows OS). The pre-installed applications which come with iPadian, enable quick access to music, videos, Social Chat, Facebook Continue Reading →

Test Drive Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot In A Browser Before Installing It

When a new version for an operating system is introduced, users are often reluctant to immediately switch to it. There are a number of reasons, which cause user reservations, including radical changes to the user interface, kernel issues, unstable repositories and lack of application support. This is perhaps most suitably applied to Ubuntu users who have been dealing with constant system issues since the inception of Unity. Moreover, users have Continue Reading →