Best 5 Social Mobile Apps That Every Marketer Must Be Aware Of

There are no two opinions on the fact that due to the increasing number of mobile devices, social media is evolving at a fast pace. Other than the personal benefits, business people also have started noticing that most of their customers have adopted mobile phones and the use of these devices is also growing due to the social mobile apps.

How Your Business Can Navigate The Social Media Minefield

Yes, your business can navigate the social media minefield, and we’re here to help. Keep reading for some specific advice on what you can do to avoid all the thumbtacks and problems that hurt most people when you’re using social media to market online. Whether your company is large or small or you work for yourself, these tips are going to help make sure you stay safe and avoid all Continue Reading →

Life Before Facebook: Do You Remember?

Come to think of it, you hardly do, don’t you? Those were the days when you always knew your friends’ faces. And, those were the days when you hung around with your friends in open places like playgrounds and treetops; not-so places like half-full water tanks and attics. And it was all so simple and carefree without any complications. Every one of you was a Huckleberry Finn and a Tom Continue Reading →

View And Sync PDF Files And Collaborate With Friends With Mendeley

Mendeley is a  a PDF organizer for multiple platforms that provides the utility to not only view PDF documents, but also to synchronize them online and to collaborate with friends using the Mendeley social network. All documents are opened in convenient tabs, within the Mendeley application. Mendeley delivers easy document management, allows finding references and performing research with like minded people online. With Mendeley you can generate biographies, import and Continue Reading →

Sync & View Twitter Updates With iOS, Mac & Windows Using Echofon

There are many famous Twitter clients for desktop operating systems and smartphones. The most notable among these include TweetDeck, Pidgin and Seesmic. Echofon is another feature rich, cross-platform Twitter client for Windows, Mac OS X and iOS devices, which can be used as a viable alternative to the aforementioned applications. The best feature of Echofon is its ability to synchronize Twitter updates between desktop and smartphones. For example, if you Continue Reading →

How To Create A Google+ Page For Your Business Or Brand


Ever since the initial release of Google+ there has been a lot of talk about the introduction of Google Plus pages. In the beginning Google started suspending accounts, which did not have a proper name, in order to ensure that people were unable to use their Google+ profile as a page, since this feature was to be released later on. Recently, Google finally provided the option to create Google+ pages. Continue Reading →

All About Google Plus And Feature Usage [Video]


Previously I provided you with the cheat sheets which can help you enhance your Google Plus experience. This time I am providing you with a small video to help you get a crash course in the usage of general and advanced features of Google Plus. This video is courtesy 96edwy, who has previously provided videos  for flashing Android ROMS. So learn all there is to know about Google Plus in Continue Reading →

Block Comments From Users On Google Plus [Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover]

Lately I came across a Google Plus extension covered by Martin from ghacks which provides a useful feature which for some reason Google+ does not have as a built in functionality as yet. If you are using Google Buzz or Google+ you probably noticed that it even if you block someone you still see comments from this person in other people “feeds”. Buzz & Google+ Troll Remover is a Chrome Continue Reading →