Some Tips To Stay Safe With Your Internet Usage

In this 21st Century internet scenario, it is not only important but also mission-critical to make internet usage as safe as you possibly can, considering the phenomenal amount of phishing, id thefts, fiscal frauds and malware promoters floating around the internet, waiting to trap unwary and naïve users.

ESET Mobile Security For Android Is A Free Anti Virus, Spam Blocker, Task Manager & Much More

ESET Mobile Security is a complete security suite for Android devices.  It protects your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats and acts as an anti-virus, anti-spyware, access scanner, SMS and MMS spam blocker and contains remote control support via SMS commands from an authorized phone number, security audit, built-in task manager, automatic and manual security database updates, as well as password protection features. ESET’s proactive heuristics technology thoroughly scans Continue Reading →

Microsoft System Sweeper Removes Malware, Rootkits & Allows Booting PC Disabled By Viruses

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is a malware removal tool by Microsoft .It is meant to be used in situations where you are unable to start your PC due to a virus or other malware infection, which might have disabled your computers ability to boot. You can save this application to a USB,CD or DVD and boot from it to remove the malware and reclaim your system. It can also be Continue Reading →

Guard Your Android Privacy From Malware With LBE Privacy Guard

LBE Privacy Guard enhances your Android permission system and protects your privacy. It is a good mechanism for saving yourAndroid device from malicious software and malware agents. It works just like Windows UAC (User Account Control) and intercept vital actions (like send SMS, call phones)or requests to access sensitive data, including  (SMS conversation, contacts, phone location, IMEI, IMSI, etc). Hence, permission prompts allow you to monitor what kinds of access Continue Reading →

BitDefender For Android Protects Your Device From Viruses & Other Malware

One thing which has indeed kept pace with cutting edge technology is malware. It’s hard to believe how malware has become a threat for anything from a home computer to mobile devices. BitDefender Mobile Security is a lightweight protection software for Android devices. It is the next generation security solution for Android, with focus on little battery consumption. It provides access to a number of robust security functions in order Continue Reading →

How To Avoid The 10 Deadly Malware Types


From its humble yet massive advent in computers since the 1980s, the computer virus has grown to be become a more formidable and stealthy creature of the cyber world. Malware over the passage of two decades has grown in different and elaborate forms such as Macro Virus, Trojans, Worms and the like. In this post we will tell you the difference between these 10 Horsemen who are likely to cause Continue Reading →

IObit Malware Fighter – Antivirus With Cloud Security

Many antivirus and malware protection software do not protect systems from network related threats. Such threats are mostly likely to come from p2p (peer to peer) programs such as torrent clients. When we share files across the internet or connect via p2p, there is always a risk of catching malware form an infected system. IObit Malware Fighter is a free anti-malware protection software that not only provides general protection, but Continue Reading →