How To Promote Your Website Or Blog With The Help Of Social Media

When it comes to promoting a website or blog, many people get confused about where to begin. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one way of trying to attract more visitors, it can be difficult and expensive to concentrate on SEO in the short run. Furthermore, social media and Google’s changing algorithms are fast making SEO less relevant. This is because Google now shows results from your Google Plus contacts Continue Reading →

KeepMeOut Helps Restrict Access To Addictive Websites By A Set Time Interval

Online activities are having an adverse affect on people’s lives due to addiction of websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Stumbleupon and the like. KeepMeOut is a web service, which helps in restricting online activities for specific websites according to a set time frame. You can select a website and create a bookmark with your configured settings for receiving a warning message when you exceed the specified time limit.

Aviary Supports Cloud Based Picture Editing On Non Flash Supported Devices

Aviary Image Editor is an html 5 based web service that allows editing pictures even on those devices that are not Flash supported or do not have it installed. It is an even more feature rich photo editor than the previously reviewed Cloud Canvas. It provides anything from basic re-imaging to intricate effect options. Users can upload pictures to edit from not just their personal devices but also social networking Continue Reading →