TeeVee Shows Gives TV Show Schedules And Season Renewal Info On Android

It’s always good to know when your favorite TV Show episodes will be aired and if the new season has been renewed. Sometimes, one can miss out on details like the cancellation of a TV Show when starting to watch a new series, which can be quite annoying. This is particularly true for TV Shows that get unexpected axed during mid-season or after initial announcements of possible renewal. TeeVee Shows Continue Reading →

How To Sync Your Windows & Mac Data With Windows Live Mesh


Many users who use cloud storage services like Dropbox, have recently been concerned about security vulnerabilities that have surfaced, which can compromise their personal data. While many people use services like Dropbox because of the convenience they provide, Windows Live Mesh can be used as a viable alternative for synchronizing your folders between Windows and Mac OS X computers. In this post, I will provide you with a complete step Continue Reading →

Synchronize Applications Between Computers From Ubuntu Software Center

Among the many Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot enhancements, the most notable ones have come with the GUI interface and some external features, which I discussed in an earlier post. While most of the new features are quite easily identifiable, some great features may not be as noticeable as others. One such functionality is the application synchronization capability of Ubuntu 11.10 (via Ubuntu Software Center). This functionality allows you to identify, Continue Reading →