How To Refresh Your Windows 8 PC To Default Settings


Restoring the system to a default system state or performing some kind of error resolution are the kind of measures that can help users avoid the hassle of a clean wipe and load re-installation of the operating system. In Windows 7 users were provided with four measures that could help them avoid a re-installation. One of them was to Backup and Restore a system image, System Restore, Error correction by Continue Reading →

Extract Old Files From Windows System Restore Points With System Restore Explorer

System Restore is an option in Windows based operating systems which allows rolling back some system files, registry settings and applications to a formerly saved system state. System Restore only allows creating and restoring the system state and does not allow extracting individual files. System Restore Explorer is a tool which allows you to browse available System Restore points on your computer and provides the option to select system restore Continue Reading →