Prevent Programs For Altering Windows Startup Without Your Permission

StartupEye is a lightweight free software which works from the system tray to monitor programs which may attempt to modify the system startup settings without your permission. It instantly warns you if a program tries to write a registry entry to start with Windows startup without your permission. Furthermore, it enables scanning the software with VirusTotal so that you can verify if the program is not a virus, spyware or Continue Reading →

Automatically Disable Touchpad When Mouse Plugs In Ubuntu [Touchpad-indicator]

Touchpad-indicator is an Ubuntu app-indicator applet for which displays the current status of your touchpad and allows automatically and manually disabling it. The best part about this applet is that it can be used to automatically disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in and to re-enable it when the mouse is plugged out. This can be helpful for gamers who may only use the mouse for playing games Continue Reading →

Get Instant Google Plus Desktop Notifications With Google+ Notifier

G+ Notifier is a desktop notification client for Google Plus. It displays all notifications in the form of pop-up messages and in list view, from your system tray. Some of its main features include: Periodic checks for new notifications in Google+ A Display of unread messages in the form of a notification icon Windows balloon notifications or Snarl popups when new notifications are detected A Popup notifications window for quick Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Tips Applet Displays Ubuntu Server Tips In Bubble Messages

Ubuntu Tips Applet is a system tray applet which shows useful Ubuntu Server tips in bubble messages. Since the Ubuntu Server is still being explored by network and system administrators to replace paid alternatives, therefore, this application can be useful for admins to get useful tips for it. You can either choose to view tips manually from Show one tip option or set a refresh time for scheduling tips pop-up Continue Reading →

GClient Is A System Tray Desktop Client For Google+ (Google Plus)

As the competition between Google and Facebook continues, Google+ is fast becoming more interactive with the help of various third-party extensions and applications. GClient, is a desktop client for  Google Plus. It works from the system tray and allows you to use Google from the desktop  instead of having to visit your Google Plus from a browser.

Create Encrypted Disk Images And Mount Virtual Discs With FreeVDF

FreeVDF is a virtual disk management software which allows creating virtual disks which can be encrypted and password protected. FreeVDF also allows mounting CD/DVD drives images. This makes FreeVDF more than a virtual disk mounting application, as one can create encrypted virtual drives on a computer and password protected the data inside them.

Automatically Clear Recent Document History After A Set Time Frame

Recent document history can be convenient opening recently used documents. However, it also acts as a log of your recent activity, which may cause privacy concerns on shared computers. Automatically Clear Recent Documents History is a  a free software which automatically clears  the list of recent documents according to specified time interval. You can enabled recent history clearing schedule and also manually clear the recently used documents in a single Continue Reading →

AirPhones Streams Audio To iPhone, iPad, & iPod From Windows, Mac Or Linux

AirPhones is a cross platform software, which allows streaming audio from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. AirPhones makes it possible to experience DVD, desktop TV, online videos, internet radio, audio books, shared iTunes playlists and podcasts to be streamed right to your iPhone, iPad or iPod across the house or office. All you need to do is to run the desktop Continue Reading →

Monitor RAM, Network, Hard Drive, CPU Usage In Ubuntu & Debian, SysPeek

SysPeek is a system monitoring application which enables viewing information about CPU, memory, disk utilization, as well as network traffic from the Ubuntu system tray. This app indicator applet displays a CPU indicator on the system tray which turns blood red when the CPU usage is 100%. This can be helpful in identifying resource intensive software and to check if your system is being hanged due to excessive CPU utilization.