Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review, Features And Technical Specifications

When Kindle Fire landed in stores last year, it was quite obvious from the initial sales that it will go on to become a competitor for iPad and create some real competition in the tablet market. While the 1st generation of Kindle Fire tablets were not as slick as iPad, however things have become very different in the wake of the release of Kindle Fire HD.

How To Enable USB Debugging In Google Nexus 7

Enabling USB Debugging is one of the most essential parts of performing various interesting tweaks and hacks on an Android device. For example, you require enabling USB debugging to unlock or hack an Android device, as well as to perform customizations such as the installation of new ROMs. If you have just bought yourself a new Google Nexus 7, then here is the process for you to enable USB Debugging Continue Reading →

How To Enable Offline Speech Recognition On Google Nexus 7

Speech Recognition has become an essential feature of portable devices including smartphones and tablets. However, acquiring this functionality offline is not always all that simple, in fact it is not even available for most portable devices. Fortunately, you can easily use offline speech recognition on Google Nexus 7. This functionality should be automatically available for the Nexus 7 tablet, if you have received the Over The Air (OTA) update for Continue Reading →

How To Take Screenshots On Google Nexus 7

Taking screenshots on Android devices has been a huge issue in the past however, this feature now comes with built-in support. Moreover, there are a number of third-party applications available for Android devices that can help you take precise screenshots in no time. However, many of these applications require a rooted device and for those of you who do not wish to void the warranty of their Google Nexus 7, Continue Reading →

How To Install Flash On Google Nexus 7

So you want Flash on your Google Nexus 7? In the wake of the advent of HTML5, Flash is being considered as obsolete. However, getting rid of Flash is easier said than done. No matter which browser you use or what plug-ins you install, the need for Flash inevitably springs up every now and then. Unfortunately, Flash does not come by default in the Nexus 7 tablet, however it is Continue Reading →

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 [Guide]

The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 has been rooting on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. The credit for this feat goes to XDA member” weltwon”. Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a cheaper version of its predecessor that comes with a 1 GHz Dual-Core processor, 1GB RAM, , 16GB to 32GB of internal storage, 1280 x 800 TFT display, with Android 4.0 ICS. Perhaps the most notable thing about this tablet is Continue Reading →

Root Kindle Fire Running Software Version 6.3.1


Recently, a small update was launched for Kindle Fire by Amazon. This update gives users some parental control features and extra security enhancements. For more details you can refer to my post about the New Features of Kindle Fire software version 6.3. Just like previous updates, Kindle tablets end up loosing their root access after updating to this new update. Furthermore, the update also installs itself without user confirmation. If Continue Reading →

Update Root Kindle Fire To Software Version 6.3.1 And Retain Root

If you are a Kindle Fire user running software version 6.3 and wish to retain root while updating your tablet to version 6.3.1, then we have just what you need. The update 6.3.1 has brought number of handy features such as parental controls and numerous security enhancements. However, the dilemma with Kindle Fire has been that updating the tablet results in losing the root access, which is the reason we Continue Reading →

Connect Mobile Or Tablet To Internet Via PC With Connectify

Connectify Connectivity

Many a times the Wi-Fi router is located in such a way that it does not provide proper signals in certain parts of the house or office premises. In such a case you can use your computer’s Wi-Fi to boost wireless signals by making it a Wi-Fi hotspot. While I have previously reviewed some very handy applications that can perform this function, namely MyPublicWiFi, MHotspot and MariFi, they do not Continue Reading →