Immediately Hide Active Program Windows And Mute Sound With Magic Boss Key

When working on content of confidential nature, it is necessary to keep it safe from prying eyes. Magic Boss Key is a free application that allows to instantly hide active program windows using the F12 hot key. Items can also be excluded from the list of content such as perhaps an open Excel sheet. This app is for people who work with confidential content in offices, the ones who might Continue Reading →

Pokki Brings Windows 7 Like Start Menu, Instagram And Angry Birds To Windows 8


Pokki is an innovative app which pins Windows and web applications to the taskbar. A while back I reviewed this application for Windows 7 when it was in its initial stage of development. Now, Pokki has also become available for Windows 8 with some very interesting features. With Pokki for Windows 8 you can not only add a Windows 7 style classic start menu to Windows 8 but also get Continue Reading →

How To Change Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Size

The Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail preview is quite a handy feature which displays the content of the active windows. As is the case with any operating system feature, people like to tweak different OS features to make them according to their desired outlook. If you wish to tweak the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail live preview settings then you should use Aero WinShark. It is a portable tool for Windows 7 Continue Reading →

Switch Windows 7 Taskbar Labels On & Off With Taskbar Labels


Sometimes it is convenient to view icons on the taskbar for active windows. Whereas, at other instance,  viewing the text labels can be more helpful (e.g. when working with Internet Explorer pinned site which might don’t have unique labels). Taskbar Labels is  a portable application which provides the utility to easily toggle the taskbar text labels on and off using a  hotkey.

How To Extend Taskbar To Second Monitor When Using Dual Monitors

People who work with dual monitors can find it quite troublesome to deal with an extended display without an extra taskbar. Dual Monitor is a free software which extends your taskbar to the secondary monitor.The extended taskbar is fully functional and has almost all the features of the primary taskbar such as time/date display, jump list, application pinning and notification area.

Pin Web Applications To Windows 7Taskbar With Pokki

Pokki is a free software built on the Chromium framework, which allows pinning web applications for instantly accessing and managing online accounts like Facebook, Twitter,Gmail, RSS Feeds and the like from Windows 7 taskbar. Pokki is also available for developers to build pinnable web apps using the Pokki platform. There are resources like the SDK available for this purpose.

Get A Secondary Quick Access Taskbar In Windows 7 & Windows Vista

Quick Access Bar is a Windows 7 and Windows Vista Toolbar application, which can be used as a secondary taskbar to add important shortcuts such as Control Panel, system drives, DVD drive, Windows folders, etc .  Hovering your mouse over a system drive also provides an instant displays of the used and available disk space. The startup Orb allows adding and removing items from the toolbar.