3 Ways Virtual Offices Are Changing The Workplace

Virtual offices are great examples of just how much the Digital Revolution has changed the world. From our healthcare system to our entertainment media, digital technology has changed nearly every aspect of the modern human life. We use computers to learn, to research, to entertain, and to heal.

Reasons The Android-Age Isn’t All That Bad For Your Kids

A mix of tech and non-tech reasons The sermon has been poured out enough number of times on how the Smartphones and the rest of mobile-breed are making your children dormant by the day. You would hardly contradict given the fact that kids today have deserted those games we cherished till the 90s – Hide & Seek and the likes of it – and are seen struggling with the virtual Continue Reading →

Do Your Website A Favour, Never Use Cloudflare

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz regarding the use of Cloudflare service to speedup and “optimize” websites. I am writing this post to warn fellow webmasters and bloggers to avoid using this service. While the Cloudflare advertisement is quite attractive and might have you convinced regarding the benefits that it is suppose to bring, all is not milk and honey.

5 Robots That Are About To Make Terminator A Reality!


I was quite amazed by the notion of a scientist who in an interview claimed that he is working on making a robot like the T1000 model in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (played by Robert Patrick). While such a notion might seem far fetched, however, with the US military already using about 8000 robots and the plan to make an android football team under a set timeline. The age of Continue Reading →