How To Integrate Terminal To Nautilus File Browser In Ubuntu Linux

The Linux Terminal is perhaps one of the most important parts of any Linux distribution. Despite the many GUI enhancements, there are some tasks that users still prefer performing from the Terminal. This includes anything from adding PPAs to performing system tasks. Nautilus Terminal, as the name suggests, is aNautilus extension that integrates the Terminal to the file browser. Nautilus Terminal supports all common functions such as copy/paste (using Ctrl+Shift+C), Continue Reading →

How To Login To Ubuntu GUI As Root User [Tip]

Linux operating systems like Ubuntu do not provide root access to its users. This is done due to security reasons, as a user logged in with root privileges can end up messing up the system by doing as little as entering a wrong command . As an alternative, users use the sudo commands for performing root tasks. In this post I will provide you with a small tip to allow Continue Reading →

BeatBox – Ubuntu Music Player With Smart Playlist Editor, Album Art

BeatBox is a simple, and elegant music player for Ubuntu Linux, with album art and smart playlist support. It allows creating playlists with detailed information regarding the audio track. You can also add album art by simply dragging and dropping images onto BeatBox. Drag and drop functionality also enables adding songs to be played. BeatBox volume options can be easily configured from next to the Banshee volume settings in the Continue Reading →

How To Create Google Plus Unity Launcher Quick List In Ubuntu Linux

As Google+ progress to become a leading name in the world of social networking, we are likely to see Ubuntu based tweaks and applications for it. In this post I will tell you how to create a Unity Launcher Quick list for Google+ . This launcher quick list can be used to quickly launch desired features of Google Plus from the Ubuntu Unity Launcher. For example, you can open your Continue Reading →

CLI Companion Is A GUI Based Terminal For Ubuntu & Debian Beginners

Ubuntu beginners always find the Terminal to be quite confusing. CLI Companion is a GUI alternative for the Ubuntu and Debian Terminal which displays Terminal commands in a list and allows running them in a click. Previously performed commands are also stored in a searchable list to be used later on and tab support adds the utility of performing multiple Terminal tasks simultaneously in a single interface.

Guake Is A Tabbed Linux Terminal With Hotkey Support & Customization Options

Guake is a customizable drop-down Terminal for Linux based operating systems, with multi-tab and hotkey support. It can be installed on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, ArchLinux and FreeBSD. The default display of Guake is transparent, however, you can change the text and Terminal background color. Guake also adds the convenience of using hotkeys and tabs to help perform Terminal tasks easily.

Resolve Firefox Flash Issues In Ubuntu & Debian Linux With FlashAid

Flash issues have been quite frequent on Ubuntu and Debian computers. Flash-Aid is a Firefox extension for Ubuntu and DebianLinux users which helps remove conflicting Firefox Flash plugins and provides the option to install appropriate Flash versions. You can also use Flash-Aid to apply some tweaks to improve flash playback performance and for fixing common issues.

Get Firefox 5 For Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 10.10 & Ubuntu 10.04


Firefox 4 will no longer receive any more point releases, as Firefox 5 has been released as the latest security update for version 4.0.1. Mozilla has changed their release process and are using a rapid release schedule. Update for Firefox 5 is now available in the official Ubuntu 11.04 security repository, as well as Mozilla’s FTP servers. Firefox 5 might not have a large array of new features, however, it Continue Reading →