Convert Text To Speech And Save It As Mp3 With Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a free software for Windows and Mac, which reads out text and allows saving it as an audio file. It is one of the most robust text to speech software that you are ever likely to find and comes with many features that allow you to not only listen to entered text but to convert it to Mp3 format, select the speed at which the text is Continue Reading →

Get Text And Voice Translations On iPhone With Voice Translator

Voice Translator, as the name suggests is a translation app for iOS devices which provides instant text and voice based translations for several different languages. Voice Translator supports voice translations for 25 different languages and offers text based translations for up to 60 languages. Moreover, the app can speak out the translated content to give you an accurate idea of how each translated word is pronounced. All translated content can Continue Reading →

SpeakMe For Android Reads Notifications For User Selected Apps


SpeakMe is a free Android application that allows users to select specific applications to receive sound notifications. In other words, you can let you phone read notifications for selected applications, according to precise instructions. SpeakMe is quite a useful app like Dragon Mobile Assistant and provides a minimalist interface with handy options like “Shake To Silence”.

Dictate Emails To Windows Phone With Say Mail! Speech To Text App

While text to speech technology seems to be functional via various applications and web apps, the same cannot be said for “Speech To Text”. Many speech to text engines are highly dysfunctional and difficult to operate and train. Furthermore, apps like Siri or Microsoft’s TellMe can be quite dysfunctional when one wishes to dictate longer passages to them, (e.g. to send a text message). Say Mail! is a Windows Phone Continue Reading →

Transcribe Text And Save It In WAV Format With Text To Speech WAV

Proof reading can be a nuisance, particularly when you are tired. In such a case a good transcription software can be of immense help, as the text can be played back for you to check errors more easily. Furthermore, transcription software are also quite useful for people with hearing impairments. Text To Speech WAV is a free Windows software that provides text to speech utility and also enables users to Continue Reading →

Get Text To Speech Translation Utility For Ubuntu And Debian, Gespeaker

Gespeaker is an open source text to speech translation application for for Linux users. It instantly provides vocal translations of entered text in a selected language.You can change various parameters such as pitch, volume, and speed reading and selected various languages to hear a playback of the entered text in the specified language. Even if the entered text is in a different language (e.g. English), you can get translations in Continue Reading →