Best New Year Live Wallpapers For Android

The New Year has finally arrived and it’s time to decorate your Android devices with some adorable New Year Live Wallpapers. Yesterday, I covered a list of some of the Best iOS apps for the New Year and now it’s time to bring something special for our Android readers. Hence, I have compiled a list of some fine Android live wallpapers that are likely to lighten up your mood and Continue Reading →

10 Awesome Windows 8 Movie Themes

Like its predecessors, Windows 8 now has many awesome themes which are available from the Personalization Gallery. in a previous post I explained how you can Download Windows 8 Themes From Windows Personalization Gallery. This gallery contains many Windows 8 compatible themes by Microsoft. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most amazing Windows 8 themes available from the Personalization Gallery.

How To Enable Aero Glass Effect In Windows 8


For those of you who have just installed Windows 8 you will be surprised to see that the beautiful Aero Glass Effect is no longer present. However, there is a workaround to get the Aero Glass Effect in Windows 8. This method is more of a bug instead of a proper method since it manipulates the High Contrast Background settings to enable Aero. You can see the complete method from Continue Reading →

Download Windows 8 Themes From Windows Personalization Gallery

If you are wondering where to download Windows 8 themes from an official Microsoft source, then the place to go is the Microsoft Personalization Gallery (link given at the end of this post). Just like Windows 7, Microsoft has released various Windows 8 themes in the Personalization Gallery, ranging themes with panoramic images, majestic mountains, forests, animals, movies and more. The Personalization gallery not only provides Windows themes but also Continue Reading →

How To Make Windows 7 And Windows 8 Look Like Mac Mountain Lion

We have previously covered a number of skin packs for various Mac OS X versions including the Mac Snow Leopard Transformation Pack  and Mac Lion Skin Pack. In the wake of the release of the latest Apple OS, Mac Mountain Lion, we now bring you the  Mountain Lion Skin Pack. Like most of the skin packs covered at WML Cloud, this transformation pack has also been developed by none other Continue Reading →

Make Windows 7 Look Like Android Jelly Bean [Skin Pack]


Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack is a Windows 7 transformation pack which can give your Windows 7 operating system the Android Jelly Bean look. This amazing skin pack has been created by Hamed, who also developed the Android Skin Pack Range, as well as the Windows 8, Mac OS X Lion and Ubuntu Skin Pack. The Jelly Bean skin pack can be easily installed to transform the look of your Continue Reading →

How To Install Gnome Themes In Ubuntu


Even after the introduction of Unity, many users still prefer using Gnome. Perhaps one of the best features of the Gnome desktop is the ability to add new themes with the help of the Gnome Tweak Tool. However, the complexity of GTK3 themes in Gnome 3 can make it a bit confusing to install a theme. In this post we will show you how to install Gnome themes in Ubuntu.

Give Ubuntu The Mac OS X Look With FakeOSX

As we all know, Ubuntu developers have been gearing towards making it the Mac OS X of the Linux world. This is why we are seeing more and more Mac features landing in Ubuntu with each new version. While it might take a while for Canonical to make Ubuntu similar to (if not the same) as Mac, you can give your Ubuntu operating system the stylish Mac look with the Continue Reading →

Download Nightfall And Starlight Panoramic Theme For Windows 8

Shortly after the initial release of Windows 8, Microsoft has now released the very first Windows 8 theme, known as Nightfall and Starlight Panoramic Theme. This beautiful theme has been designed to seamlessly extend across dual monitors to provide users with a similar resolution and settings. The Nightfall and Starlight Panoramic Theme also shifts the Windows 8 glass color to match wide-angle images. So explore the distant galaxies, rocky mountains, Continue Reading →