Intsall ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On HTC One V

Previously we showed you how to Root HTC One V and the process involved in unlocking its bootloader. Once the aforementioned has been achieved you can flash Custom ROMs, and  install custom recovery. Recently, one of the members at XDA Developer’s Forum “vivekkalady” created a ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for none other than HTC One V. With the help of this tool you can create and restore backups of your ROM, Continue Reading →

Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On HTC One X And HTC One S

The HTC One X (GSM) and HTC One S now have touch based ClockworkMod Recovery. While this touch based recovery has been available for a number of Android devices, the One S and One X version has been recently released. ClockworkMod Touch recovery (by “Koush”), can be  installed via ROM Manager by paying $1.99, however if you do not wish to spend any money, you can opt for the manual, Continue Reading →

Get Touch Based Custom Recovery For Sony Xperia S With DoomRecovery

In a previous post I showed you the rooting procedure for Sony Xperia S. But if you are looking for touch based custom recovery for your Sony Xperia S smartphone, then DoomRecovery can do the job for you. DoomRecovery is basically an extended version of the standard ClockworkMod Recovery. This custom recovery is currently a part of what is known as the DoomKernel. This means that if you wish to Continue Reading →

Get Touch-Enabled Recovery For HTC Flyer

As some of you might be aware, Team UtterChaos has released touch enabled recovery on a number of devices. Thanks to these guys, the list of supported devices has risen once more. Team UtterChaos at XDA Developer’s Forum, (which is built of  some very prestigious Developer’s, including DooMLoRD and Napstar), have started adding some nice tablets to the extravagant list of supported devices. The newly added devices initially included non Continue Reading →