Get Text And Voice Translations On iPhone With Voice Translator

Voice Translator, as the name suggests is a translation app for iOS devices which provides instant text and voice based translations for several different languages. Voice Translator supports voice translations for 25 different languages and offers text based translations for up to 60 languages. Moreover, the app can speak out the translated content to give you an accurate idea of how each translated word is pronounced. All translated content can Continue Reading →

Translate Live Skype Chat To & From Any Language With Skype Translate


Skype Translate is a translation utility for Skype, which allows instant translation of text chats in numerous languages. For example, if you are having a conversation with a Japanese client who has problem communicating in English, you can use Skype Translate to chat with him in his/her native language. This can be done by simply typing the message in your own language (e.g. English) and it will be automatically translated Continue Reading →

Translate Text From Any Program And Language With Transmiti

Transmiti is a portable free software which is capable of translating text from any program, including text editors, word processors, browsers with no native translation support (such as Firefox, Opera and Safari), Instant Messengers, etc. It can translate highlighted text or complete documents using a simple hotkey. You can either copy the translation or replace the current text with the translated one. Transmiti works in a similar way to the Continue Reading →

Tweet And Translate Google Plus Posts In Chrome – Helper For Google+

Helper for Google+ is a Chrome extension which adds a Twitter and Translate link to your Google Plus posts. Using this extension you can Share Google+ Posts with people on Twitter. Translate posts with Google Translate to a selected language Get desktop notifications on new posts, with sound. (mouse over notification to freeze it) Link hash tags in posts for better search Search in Google+ posts and profiles directly from your Continue Reading →