Fully Tweak Ubuntu Linux With Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is perhaps the best and most comprehensive tweaking application for the Ubuntu operating system. It can be used to configure Ubuntu easily for a more enhanced user experience, as it provides many useful desktop and system options that are not present by the default in the Gnome desktop environment. I have covered many Ubuntu tweak tips and tricks in numerous posts individually which you can check out here. Continue Reading →

Tweak Ubuntu Gnome Desktop Settings To Get Rid Of Common Annoyances

Many users who move to Ubuntu from other operating system find it hard to get rid of common annoyances such as accidentally removing their Gnome Panel, updating Ubuntu and managing software sources. In this post I will provide you with an easy solution to manage your Gnome Settings for avoiding common issues such as resizing Windows, removing the Gnome Panel, enabling icons on buttons, etc.

How To Clean Ubuntu Cache, Kernels, Config Data And Purge PPAs [Tip]

It can be quite a laborious to remove out dated Ubuntu packages, cache, to purge PPAs and cleanse the kernel. While there are a few individual applications like YPPA Manager which allow purging outdated PPAs, one seldom finds an application which allow performing multiple tasks in Ubuntu (such as the aforementioned) with convenience. Using the Ubuntu Tweak, you can perform package cleaning tasks easily with the Package Cleaner option. It Continue Reading →