Instantly Share Heavy Files With Facebook Friends With ZipShare

ZipShare is a free web service by the creators of WinZip, which allows you to instantly share heavy files with your Facebook friends by saving them to a third-party server. All you have to do is to go to the ZipShare website (link given at the end of this post), select files to upload and share them to your Facebook wall. The files are hosted for 7 days on ZipShare Continue Reading →

Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook, Resize & Upload Photos To Facebook

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook is a free desktop software for uploading photos to Facebook with options to resize and compress images before uploading them. It also provides right-click menu integration for instantly uploading images to a connected Facebook account by right clicking on an image and selecting the upload option. This helps to easily create and update albums without using the default Facebook uploader, which often becomes non responsive Continue Reading →

Play Games And Record Game Screencast With Xfire

Xfire is a Windows application which allows users to see when their friends are online,what game are they playing, allows joining the game in a single click, receiving instant messages, has a built in stats tracker and supports thousands of games. You can even create and upload your very own game screencast. For example, you can record the game play when playing a third person / first person shooter¬† such Continue Reading →

Store And Stream Your Music On The Cloud With Mougg

Mougg is a web service that allows storing and streaming music files from the Mougg website. To get started, you would require signing up for an account. After that, you can easily upload, stream, organize and label your music with up to 1GB of free space which is good enough to store more than 200 Mp3 files. This makes saved music files (via Mougg) to be accessible with any computer, Continue Reading →

GE.TT & Upload & Share Your Files on Facebook, Twitter & Via Email

Attaching a heavy document via email can be quite a time consuming and frustrating task. GE.TT is a web service that can be used to instantly upload and share files via Facebook,Twitter and an email address, with the help of a URL generated for the uploaded content. Users can upload data even without signing up with the service, however, signing up provides the option to share content via social Continue Reading →