How To Change Password Policy In Windows Home Server 2011 Vail

User Password Policy is always an important feature in servers. Password policies also hold great importance for network security, however, not everyone requires Microsoft’s default complicated password policy and it can be a bit difficult for beginners to understand the method involved in changing it. In this post I will tell you how to change the Password Policy of user accounts in Windows Home Server 2011 (Vail). This will allow Continue Reading →

How To Download & Upload Audio, Video Files From Windows Home Server 2011

In this post I will tell you how to download your shared folder content using Remote Web Access. Note: you will required a computer that is already connected to the Home Server, to see how to connect your system to the  Home Server, check out the post:  How To Connect A Computer (PC or Mac) To Windows Home Server 2011.

How To Connect A Computer (PC or Mac) To Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Home Server 2011 is not that hard to install (provided your system meets the minimum system requirements). I previously showed you how to install Windows Home Server 2011. Now comes the tricky part i.e. how to connect a client PC or Mac to the Home Server. In this I we will tell you how to connect a client operating system (PC or Mac) to Windows Home Server 2011 (codename Continue Reading →

How To Create Users In Windows Home Server 2011 (Vail)

Microsoft provides the utility of adding up to 10 users which can connect to Windows Home Server 2011. These users can be created from the Dashboard. This makes the procedure different from other Windows based operating systems. See the below instructions to find out how to create users in Windows Home Server 2011 aka Vail.

Allocate File And Folder Permissions Easily With NTFS Permissions Tool

NTFS is the successor of FAT and provides many enhanced security features like allocation of file and folder permission to block access to other users on the same computer. The allocation of file and folder rights can be quite complex to implement for lay users. An easier way is to use NTFS Permissions Tool. It is a portable software for easily assigning file and folder permissions to restrict access to Continue Reading →

Provide Remote Assistance To Friends Using Windows And Mac With CrossLoop

We often require assistance from friends in terms of many technical matters. This is not just the case with lay users but also IT Pros. An example can be assistance from a network administrator to a desktop admin via remote assistance. Likewise, novice end users often require remote assistance from  more experienced users. In a local network this can be easily done via the Windows Remote Assistance feature. However, for Continue Reading →