Remotely Control Torrents Using Windows Phone With uTorrent Remote

Torrent clients are the most common mode of P2P transfer and one of the most popular Torrent clients is uTorrent. While there has been a shortage of good mobile apps for Torrent clients in the past, there are always a few gems that can be found if you look close enough in the apps market for a mobile device. µTorrent Remote for Windows Phone is an app that allows remotely Continue Reading →

How To Use Magnet Links And Their Supported Applications

Anyone who has been following the BitTorrent scene would know that PiratesBay has switched to Magnet links, instead of providing links to the BitTorrent tracker system. Magnet links have been around for many years however, it is only now that users are switching to them in large numbers. The reason for this is because of lack of choice, in most cases. Since The PiratesBay is only providing Magnet links, therefore, Continue Reading →

Torrent Episode Downloader – Search And Download TV Show Episodes In HD In Windows, Mac & Linux

Torrent Episode Downloader (Ted) is a free software for searching and downloading TV show episodes via bit torrent from reliable sources. Ted comes with a built-in list of TV shows and displays a summary of each program with a list of episodes from each season. It can be used with Azureus, uTorrent, Tomato Torrent, Transmission and other commonly used torrent clients.

Search And Download Free TV Shows With MySeries For (Windows & Linux)

Recently we reviewed Torrent Episode Downloader which provides the utility of searching and downloading TV show episodes via bit torrent clients. Today, we’ve discovered a better tool called MySeries. It is a feature rich and portable application which is designed to help you in both creating and managing TV series database, finding episode lists, downloading torrents for searched episodes. You can easily create your own catalog for series/episodes, mark episodes Continue Reading →