Download YouTube Videos In HD & Mobile Format With Youtube Fisher

YoutubeFisher is a portable application that downloads media (video and audio) directly from YouTube. The media content is grabbed by entering the respective YouTube URL and saved in the format chosen by the user. The supported formats in which you can save the downloaded content includes (full-HD, HD, HQ mp4, flv, mobile 3gp, audio mp3 or aac).

Wirelessly Share Videos Between Mac, iPhone And iPad With MovieShare

MovieShare is a free app for Mac OS X and iOS devices which makes it easy to share video files between your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. With the help of MovieShare you can avoid going through iTunes to copy video files. This makes it easy for iOS and Mac users to share movies with friends Using any Wi-Fi network.

How To Add YouTube And Custom Videos To MS Word 2013


MS Word 2013 has come with a lot of dynamic features including video integration. Now you can easily integrate videos from YouTube and other websites. This can be done by adding YouTube to services in MS Word and searching for videos directly from within Microsoft Word 2013. This feature was briefly explained in our overview of the new features of Microsoft Word 2013. In this post we will show you Continue Reading →

5 Powerful Free Video Converters For Mac OS X


With the number of devices that we are constantly having to shift between, video encoding seems to have become more of a need rather than a utility. For example, if you want to watch a video on an iPhone device after transferring it from your Mac computer, then you might be better off getting it encoded to get the best quality for it. While some videos belonging to numerous media Continue Reading →

Easily Edit Videos And Create Panoramas With VReveal [Free]

vReveal is a free video editing software, which allows easy video editing, creating panorama images (from videos) and grabbing video snapshots. It comes with many basic video editing features and is easier to use than Windows Live Movie Maker and can be used as a viable alternative for it. Using vReveal, you can edit videos, add titles, fix sharpness, color and contrast issues, fix shaky scenes by stabilizing them and Continue Reading →

View & Track Unwatched Subscribed YouTube Videos With YTWatcher

YTWatcher is a portable desktop software which allows you to view, manage and sort your subscribed, favorite and liked YouTube videos. It tracks unwatched videos from your subscriptions and plays them back to back. You can also share subscribed video via Facebook and Twitter . When a video is played, YTWatcher records its duration and plays it from the exact point from where you left (in case the YTWatcher is Continue Reading →

VideoMinimizer, Free Video Resizer To Reduce Video File & Image Size

Sometimes it is required to change the file or image size of a video to increase or reduce the Picture size of the running video and/or the file size (e.g. from 1GB to 500MB). Moo0 VideoMinimizer is a free video resizing software which: Lets you change the display size of a video (picture size of video). Allows changing the file size. And enables changing the video quality between Best, High Continue Reading →

Boxee Plays, Shares And Streams Videos From iPad To TV, Facebook, Twitter, etc

Boxee is a famous name in the field of internet television. Boxee for iPad is a free application which brings videos from famous social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and also your computer to your ipad so you can find and watch new and favorite videos on the go. Boxee delivers every video your friends share on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to your iPad device. You can return Continue Reading →

ByPass 72 Minute MegaVideo Restrictions With Sheepser Web Service

Sheepser is a video streaming web service which enables you to watch  restricted videos without any limitations. The supported websites include MegaVideo, VideoBB & VideoZer. Sheepser  is quite similar to MegaVideo 9 web service, however, Sheepser not only allows by passing 72 minute MegaVideo restrictions, but also provides alternative links for it’s numerous servers on which the specific video is hosted. This can be quite convenient for using different servers Continue Reading →