Speaktoit For Android Now Allows Users To Teach Their Virtual Assistant Anything

Previously I reviewed the Speaktoit Virtual Assistant. Recently, this app underwent some major improvements including a unique functionality that lets Android users to teach their assistants how to respond and react to any specific command. This feature is available for premium users through a Premium account. This great new feature is likely to resolve (or at least reduce) a common annoyance that users face when mobile voice assistants don’t understand Continue Reading →

Speaktoit: Voice Assistant For Android, iPhone And Windows Phone

Android devices have no shortage of Siri like voice assistants like Google Now, Dragon Mobile Assistant And SpeakMe. Recently, another voice assistant joined the race of taking on the best in the business after a huge update. Speaktoit is a voice assistant that has applications for multiple mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The recent update for Android has added major options for user interface personalization, backgrounds and avatars.

SpeakMe For Android Reads Notifications For User Selected Apps


SpeakMe is a free Android application that allows users to select specific applications to receive sound notifications. In other words, you can let you phone read notifications for selected applications, according to precise instructions. SpeakMe is quite a useful app like Dragon Mobile Assistant and provides a minimalist interface with handy options like “Shake To Silence”.

Dragon Mobile Assistant For Android Works As Good As Siri!

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a Siri like voice assistant for Android that comes with some exceptional features. Ever since Siri made its debut, voice assistants have been in great demand. Although Android has no shortage of apps that execute voice commands, however the accuracy of these apps has seen a whole new level ever since the iOS app came to light. In a previous post we explored Google Now, which Continue Reading →

Dictate Emails To Windows Phone With Say Mail! Speech To Text App

While text to speech technology seems to be functional via various applications and web apps, the same cannot be said for “Speech To Text”. Many speech to text engines are highly dysfunctional and difficult to operate and train. Furthermore, apps like Siri or Microsoft’s TellMe can be quite dysfunctional when one wishes to dictate longer passages to them, (e.g. to send a text message). Say Mail! is a Windows Phone Continue Reading →

Replace S Voice With Google Now On Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III provides its own default voice assistant known as S Voice. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your S3 voice assistant then you can use the Google Now to take over your voice assistant’s functionality. In this post, I will explain the process of installing Google Now on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S III device. If you would like to find out how Continue Reading →

How To Enable Offline Speech Recognition On Google Nexus 7

Speech Recognition has become an essential feature of portable devices including smartphones and tablets. However, acquiring this functionality offline is not always all that simple, in fact it is not even available for most portable devices. Fortunately, you can easily use offline speech recognition on Google Nexus 7. This functionality should be automatically available for the Nexus 7 tablet, if you have received the Over The Air (OTA) update for Continue Reading →

Get Mitini, Siri Like Application For Windows

Siri is an iOS application, which acts as a software assistant and knowledge navigator that fetches information regarding the things mentioned in voice commands, given by the user. It uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, provide recommendations, and perform actions by delegating user requests to a set of web services. Siri has been designed to adapt to the user preferences over the passage of time, in order Continue Reading →